Sunday, February 05, 2006


Wind, wheat, beef, Corn

Got a wild hair yesteday morning. Saw in the paper that the annual German dinner fund-raiser for Corn Bible Academy -- the oldest parochial school in Oklahoma -- was going on.

Took me about one more cup of coffee to decide to grab my hand-dandy digital camera and head to Corn, OK, which is about 100 miles flat -- and I mean every word of that -- from where I live north of Oklahoma City.

The pic of the oldtime windmill, used to draw water for livestock, with the new windmills in back, used to generate electricity, is just east and north of Corn, which is 13 miles south of Weatherford, OK, which is about an hour's drive west of the Oklahoma City metro area on Interstate 40.

The closeup of the new windmills is in the same area, along State Highway 54 south of Weatherford and northeast of Corn.

It took forever, seems like, but the past few years, some businesses and researchers have finally done something to harness the natural resource, besides oil and gas -- pronounced "ulngas" -- that Oklahoma! is known for the world over: "wind (that) comes sweepin' down the plain."

I loves me some cows -- young'uns like this baldy stocker on wheat 3 miles due east of Corn, as well as grilled or burgered, don'tcha know.

(Five Coveted Redneck Points [tm] to the one who can tell me why the calf is called a baldy AND tell me a little of the etymology of the word.)

Shot of downtown Corn, population 581.

The biggest thing going in Corn isn't corn -- it's wheat. Corn is in the heart of western Oklahoma's wheat belt.

Those stocker cattle will probably be pulled off the wheat and sent to a feedlot, probably in the Texas Panhandle, for finishing about March 15 if the wheat grower wants to make a crop. If he figures he can make more money sellin' his wheat "wrapped in leather," he'll leave the calves on to graze out the wheat and forget about the combines.


BALDY CALF: a calf with a lethal inherited condition characterized by alopecia, cracked and ulcerated skin, elongated feet, and hypersalivation.

uuuummmmmmm . . . ick. But its the only thing I found.
Dark cow with a white face.

Dark cow with a white face looks like its bald (baldy).

RadicalPurple, dude(tte), that's gross! But thanks for playin'. :-)

Teditor gets 3.5 CR Points.

Often termed "black baldy" calf.

The etymology I was looking for was the historical fact that "bald" used to commonly mean "white-headed," which is why our national emblem is the "bald eagle." The national bird ain't skinheaded; it's white-headed.

Definition 6.b. from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913): Zool. Marked with a white spot on the head; bald-faced.

Well, actually, I guess that's not etymology. That's just a dictionary citation. But it's what I was lookin' for.

Congrats, Ted!

(Is anybody keepin' up with who has how many Coveted Redneck Points[tm]???)
I just know I have 9,305,632 Coveted Redneck Points [TM]. No one else is anywhere close.


Nice looking calf. It's good to get out there and have a photo adventure every now and then.
Comment from Trixie? At 7:27 p.m.? Did you, peradventure, SKIP CHURCH tonight? (The crazy lefty church doesn't meet at night, so I can't be hung on the same hook!).
Been working with the widow on my friend's memorial service. And tonight's Bible study was pre-empted by the Super Bowl parties at the church and the pastor's house...

Oh, but if you need a mite of guilt, my widowed friend was at Sunday school and church this morning after losing her husband yesterday morning. It was her turn to usher, and we had communion this morning so she was not going to miss.
Well, of course she wouod be there. Church are fambly. :-)

Hey! I just heard that that new NFL team is suddenly "right back in the game." The Seahawks done good, apparently.
Didja see? The Hornets beat the Lakers!!

Sorry to hear about your friend.

But I must correct you. I've kept tabs, and you have 12.5 CRPs. I have 5.5. Dr. Lobo has the most with 7.5 million, but he's a brown-noser, so they don't rightly count.

I couldnt give etymology of baldy because I had to look up what etymology meant, and all I could go by is what I'd heard all my life -- a white-faced cow looks bald. White-footed livestock have "socks," too.
Oh, and the Hornets? Just like an OU grad, jumpin' on the bandwagon fer no good reason, 'specially since I KNOW you don't like sports.

I loves me some basketball. I haven't been to a Hornets game because I am poor. They don't take CRP for admission. I even loves me some RedHawks baseball in the summertime. It's the football that gives me hives. And sitting next to sports editors who bounce balls against the wall 8 hours a day.
Honey, that ol' boy ain' got nuttin' on the new SE at the old place. The new'unn's a jerk. The old'unn was a nervous sort.


I called my sis, who with her husband ain't much into football or any other sport unless it's a family member playin'. In fact, I used to be so jealous 'cause through family ties -- my brother-in-law's sister is married to a Chiefs executive -- they'd get these fancy-dancy football autographed by all the Chiefs. There on their mantle was a football signed by Derrick Thomas, Neil Smith, Joe Montana and Marcus Allen, and neither dang one of 'em gave a hoot about the ball or who had signed it.

Anywho, I called my sis 'cause I might sneak up to the big city of Elkhart, Kan., to see her youngest daughter at Quiz Bowl competition tomorrow. First thing I asked was, "So, you gettin' ready for the Super Bowl?"

She just giggled. Actually, she and her hubby rented a movie so they'd have something to watch tonight.

Didn't know you loves you some hoopedge or some Bricktown Ballpark action. Figured you as anti-sports as anyone I'd met, save my sissy.

Still, twouldn't be unlike OU fans to jump on and off bandwagons at a moment's notice.
My former brother-in-law is a high-league attorney, major sports agent and owner of "a state professional basketball team." (This should be sufficient for those who know my last name.) Holidays at his house were filled with athletes everyone would recognize. Me? The clueless one most of the time.
Well, I did notice the Hornet beat the Lakers. Even I know the Lakers are s'posed to be hot stuff.
The Lakers have Kobe Bryant, and I'm not so sure that's a good thing. This comin' from a longtime Lakers fan, if I'm going to root for any NBA team. Goes back to the 1970s when I could see a handful of NBA games on TV, usually late at night, hence games from the West Coast.

Because Kareem wore glasses, and so did my tall brother -- for the record, Kareem was about 7-foot-2, and my brother is 6-foot-4, but I didn't know the difference -- so that's how I became a Lakers fan.

Then when the Kobe-Shaq battle came and went, and so did Shaq, recognized that the spoiled millionaires just ain' worth it. :-)
Corn Oklahoma was originally Korn, Oklahoma being settled by Germans brought there by the railroad that sold them their land. As WWI came about, to prove their loyality they change the name of their town to Corn. In German, korn means grain and refers to wheat.

Teditor said:
"But I must correct you. I've kept tabs, and you have 12.5 CRPs. I have 5.5. Dr. Lobo has the most with 7.5 million, but he's a brown-noser, so they don't rightly count."
Actually Teditor I have a -10 CRPs, so you don't count rightly.
As for "brown-noser"....I know where you live.:}
Speaking of points; ER what is the origin of "bald-face lier"?
??? Dunno.
So we have a corn fed inbred, giving my state a bad name, coming to my blog, unequipped with a brain and spouting uneducated opinions.

What's new?

I've enlightened you on the subject you have no clue about, yet speak on.

What a waste of time. I can see you and your girlfriend RadBarney are hooping it up so I'll see you on my turf.
ER, now damn it I've told you over and over and over, if you go out and kick skunks around just for sport, you're gonna track in their stench when you come back in the house. So you're to stay out on the back porch till you air out.

Every time you go to town you've just gotta stop kickin those skunks around. Say, I think I can set that to music....
And I said:
"Speaking of points; ER what is the origin of "bald-face lier"?
# posted by drlbojo

??? Dunno.
# posted by Erudite Redneck

Me neither, just thought I'd ask.
I think sometimesd it's OK to go kick shit out of some of these arseholes just to remind 'em that not everybody is lined up to kiss their ass.

Funy thing is, if he thinks this whole state is a "red" (modern sense) as he is, he's never been east of Choctaw. What a rooster hoover.
Spent sometime over at his chicken house, Rooster Hoover has an average of 2-3 oh-gosh-amens aday, and is badly in need of anger managment. I hope he is seeing his VA counselor regularly, but I rather doubt it. He'll flame out in a bar somewhere someday over something that wasn't there.
It is pretty vile and violent over there. ... I just tossed some more gas on his fire, too.

I just HATES it when people whip out the Gospel Gun before they've had any holy firearms training. They're usually like Barney F. and his one bullet.
Oh, and chicken litter that he is, I suspect he deltes commnets he doesn't like. One of mine is already awol over there.
Tug, you're too good to hang your hat over there.

I went to that other site. It ain't my cup o' tea, but I gotta say you're a bit hypocritical here. What he says about the left ain't a whole lot different than what you've posted about the right. He doesn't seem as open to dissenting opinions as you, but that doesn't really excuse the name-calling. As you told Tug - you're better than that.
You're right, REM. I retract both the name-calling and the "advice" to Tug.

I link to others whose views are far outside the mainstream, and whose ways of expressing them are offensive to many people, as well.

Thanks for calling me on an inconsistency.

What got my hackles up was the apparent lack of tolerance for dissenting views over there as much as the views themselves.
Dude, how's left field these days?

Why do I have to keep educating you?

Our Last Exchange: My point was that four citations out of tens of thousands do not consitute "throughout" the Bible, not by a longshot.

RV: Lol, those were called examples, genius. I apologize for not having time to scour the Bible to further shut you down.

Leviticus, I dismiss

RV: That's your first mistake. You wanna talk to me about the Bible when you dismiss it? We're off to a great start.

-- until and unless you and everyone else who ever cites it starts citing all the other laws, the dietary restrictions and such.

RV: Dietary restrictions have nothing to do with immoral lifestyles. And Leviticus discusses a major law. WHy dismiss it if you want laws addressed?

Either all have sinned, or all have not. Which is it?

RV: All have sinned. All do not live immoral lifestyles. You're failing to comprehend common sense here. Sins are what we repent of and turn away from. Immoral lifestyles are lived by those who mock God and refuse to turn away from them. Think about it.

Also, people who look for ways to keep people OUT of a relationship with God can't possibly have ever actually met Christ themselves, although they may very well be "religious."

RV: That has absolutely nothing to do with anything we've discussed. I don't recall "looking for ways" to keep anyone out of a relationship with God. You can believe what you want. If you believe you can mock God and dismiss his Word and still have a relationship with him, so be it. You'll find out in the long run.

1. Love God., 2., Love your neighbor as yourself. That's really pretty clear.

RV: That has nothing to do with immoral lifestyles, nor the fact that I'm repulsed by those immoral lifestyles, as is God. You say "Love God." I say "Obey God." Keep His commandments. Obey His laws. I'm sorry you're allergic to that.
Keep on keeping on, Repub Vet. You're hanging yourself.

You can keep yourself in the hands of an angry God if you like. I know what it is said that Jesus said, and He didn't say anything about homosexuality.

Oh, and don't confuse my position as a defense of homosexuality. It's not that. It's an attack on hatred masquerading as Christianity.

"There's that skunk again!"
Unless RV's mother is Jewish he has no claim to the laws in Leviticus. Leviticus is a product of a covenant with a specific people. If you are not of that people you have no claim to their laws, or their relationship with God.
If you are a gentile better stick to the New Testament as far as God's law is concerned.
Me thinks RV doth protest too much.
Anon, that is a snide and cold remark, even if true. By the way ER, if you truely want a pet skunk you really should de-scent him before you bring him in the house.
Speaking of skunks, here's a bit of trivia picked up along my career path:

Did you know it is illegal to de-scent a skunk in Oklahoma? Yep, so they won't become part of the pet trade. Know why? Because skunks can't be vaccinated against rabies, and they are the leading population of rabies carriers.

Just thought I'd help enlighten y'all before you kick any more skunks!
On the topic of skunks (pole-cats is what we call 'em down here) . . . I bet I hadn't seen nor smelled one in close to 3 years. In the past month, I've seen (and smelled) 7 that didn't quite make it across the road. Odd, ain't it?
Shoot, Rem, I haven't gone a week without smelling one since I can remember. I think all the construction around here is just runnin' critters out of the woods, and off the prairie, left and right.
That would have been my first guess as to why I'm seeing so many, too. All but two of 'em that I've seen, though, have been on the highway through a state forest. Polecats have never been real numerous (in Florida) that I can remember. It's unusual to see more than two or three per year around here.
Skunks are so few in Florida anymore that the FWC (Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission) asked for residents to report any skunk sightings just a couple of years back. I wonder if that's still going on . . .
Apparently they found out all they needed to know. I did my civic duty and tried, though . . .
OK, now you guys got me looking up skunk facts. Check out this site:
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