Tuesday, February 21, 2006


'Why are we in Iraq?'

Q. Why are we in Iraq?
A. For freedom! Recent intelligence informs us it is on the march.
Q. Hooray! Where's it marching to?

Read more from Fafnir at Fafblog.

(Thanks again to Miss Cellania.)


Good one. I'm stealing it.
Hi ER! I am starting therapy for my computer. Its acting like a stroke victim. It is learning new neural pathways to Blogger, very gradually. Believe it or don't. Thanks for the link!
Wow! Miss Cellania, radiobabe, is able to make an appearance! Yay! Yay! ;-)
One would think, that of all people, a Republican would know that we are a Republic and not a Democracy.
fafblog! you do have good taste!

love those guys....

We're in Iraq because they had WMD's. To bad France and Russia helped move them to Syria before we could find them.
Anon has been listening to the wierd general featured on Faux News yesterday.
If they had WMDs they would have used them. Remember how Evil they were!
Hey he wrote a book so he must know what he's talking about. So drlobo is a premium member.
A member no, premium yes.
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