Monday, February 27, 2006


'Unfit to govern'

An unpaid political announcement.


Dear Friend,

Three times this week the Republican culture of corruption will come to a head before a federal judge.

Tuesday: David Safavian, George Bush's top procurement officer (responsible for billions of dollars in federal spending), will be in court for pretrial motions in his case involving lying to investigators about his dealings with Jack Abramoff.

Wednesday: Michael Scanlon, Abramoff's associate, who pled guilty to conspiracy to defraud the United States, will be in court for a status conference on his sentencing.

Friday: Former Republican Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham who pled guilty on November 28th will be sentenced.

Time and time again Republicans have repeatedly demonstrated to us they are unfit to govern. As the days and weeks go by, the public is becoming more aware of that fact. We can take back the Senate this November and the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee is helping to make that possible. They are making sure all Democratic Senate candidates can compete with their Republican opponents who, through the efforts of Rick Santorum and Tom Delay, have become a wholly owned subsidiary of special interest lobbyists.

Early in February, the DSCC set a goal of raising $150,000 online this month. They are only $21,000 short of this critical goal. Put them over the top by making a contribution today.

There are only eight months left until the Republican culture of corruption comes crashing down. When we take back the Senate, Democrats will have the oversight necessary to disinfect Washington, DC. The only way this will happen is if we elect more Democrats.

And to do that we need your help -- one-party Republican rule in Washington simply is not getting the job done.

Please make a contribution today and help the DSCC reach its February goal.

Harry Reid

P.S. I know you have friends and family as angry with Republicans one party rule as I am. Please forward this message to them and ask them to make an immediate investment in our campaign to elect a Democratic Senate.

I almost forgot!

Happy birthday to Drlobojo!

Don't forget, 70% of the money that Jack Abramoff handed out was to democrats.
Hillary Clinton is named as a defendant in a civil law suit in California brought by Peter Paul, the largest single campaign contributor to her 2000 Senatorial campaign. Paul has turned from a close associate of Bill and Hillary Clinton who underwrote the “Hollywood Salute to President Clinton” in 2000, to a whistle blower exposing the corruption and lies that were an underpinning of Hillary’s election to the Senate.

Hillary Clinton is desperately trying to avoid being put under oath and forced to testify about her involvement in the 2000 fundraiser for her Senatorial Campaign underwritten by Peter Paul. She has summoned every resource at her disposal to avoid making statements under oath about her knowledge of the under reporting of more than $700,000 on her campaign finance statements. Hillary’s strategy is simple: delay as much as possible Peter Paul’s Civil suit and sacrifice the “small fish” associated with this wrongdoing.

I have one word to say!
Why, thank you ER. It is so good of you to notice. I had some good Cajun food, and conversation, last night in celebration, topped off with some bread pudding with a liberal amount of whisky sauce. It is good to be alive, when so many of my peers are not. As you know we put one in the ground on Saturday. I miss those ole boys and girls but I'll wait a bit(a long bit at that) to join them thank you.

Say ER, based on the first responses to this blog you may have found a new way to get fish bait.
Even your whiskey sauce is liberal.
All in good fun, no offense.
LOL. That was a good 'un. :-)
Happy birthday drlobojo and thank you for writing two of the finest words known to mankind: bread pudding. Memories of same are dancing in my head!
Ah, Pisces is a fishy-washy sign, perfect for the President of the John Spruce Society.
Never met a whiskey that I thought I should be conservative with. Some things are just ment to be liberal. :-}
Culture of Corruption?
Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?

Check this out for corruption.

Once again, in its well established tradition of creating "news," CBS puts out a misleading story, touting its poll as a legitimate indicator of opinion.

Greg Sheffield of NewsBusters reveals the bias in the CBS polling sample.

"Total Republicans" contacted: 272 unweighted and 289 weighted.

"Total Democrats" contacted: 409 unweighted and 381 weighted.

"Total Independents" contacted: 337 unweighted and 348 weighted.

CBS virtually guaranteed the findings before a single person responded to the poll.

The reality is CBS poses liberal propaganda as truth.

If it's from CBS, you can assume that it is unreliable. This poll was a creation. It is as fake as the National Guard records that the disgraced and delusional Dan Rather still refuses to acknowledge as fraudulent.

Phony documents, phony polls. It should come as no surprise. It's CBS News.
Take a statistics course dude!
More culture of corruption
Cunningham has been named a 'Howdy Doody Looking Nimrod'.
Who's next?
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