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'Turd' is in the Bible!


It's in the Bible!

What a great site! Online Etymology Dictionary.

O.E. tord, from P.Gmc. *turdam (cf. M.Du. torde "piece of excrement," O.N. tord-yfill, Du. tort-wevel "dung beetle"), from PIE *drtom, pp. of base *d(e)r- "flay, tear," thus "that which is separated (or torn off) from the body" (cf. shit from root meaning "to split"). As a type of something worthless and vile, it is attested from c.1250; meaning "despicable person" is recorded from c.1450.
"A tord ne yeue ic for eu alle" ["The Owl and the Nightingale," c.1250]

"Alle thingis ... I deme as toordis, that I wynne Crist." [Wyclif, Phil. iii.8, 1382; KJV has "I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord"]


I think most of the bloggin' world must be off for President's Day ...
Or working their frosty butts off...
Hee hee.

Could be that fascism and biblical turds just aren't hot topics! LOL!
Very interesting. I looked up several words, sorry
but I don't agree with this source.
Test words are coin and crap. It got coin half right,
but got why the round money disk was called a wedge wrong.
Remember the slang when a cheap whore was called a 50 cent piece? The Roman soilders refered to the money they
got in pay as cunus, i.e. "money for whores", coin and
cunt have the same source. For crap it dis-avowed the
source of the common usuage (Sir Thomas Crapper whose
name was emblassoned on every toilet and sewer lid in England from
1882 forward).
Caveat Lexor
I think that is the only nongratutous use of the c-word I have ever, ever seen.
For the bible try, "Piss or Pissth against a wall".
the c-word has been seen in chaucer's work. different meaning, though, i think.

So is the word, "pisseth" as in, Isaiah 25:22 - "So and more also do God unto the enemies of David, if I leave of all that [pertain] to him by the morning light any that pisseth against the wall" (KJV)

And 5 more times.
KEvronius said...
"the c-word has been seen in chaucer's work. different meaning, though, i think"

Ah Chaucer, my college room-mate my sophomore year took a course in Chaucer in Middle English. I can still hear him reciting it. After a few weeks I wanted to kill him.

It is used twice by the Wife of Bath, once it is not clear what is ment, but the second time it most certainly was:

The Wife of Bath's Tale - Modern English
That it is well to leave a wife in peace.
One of us two must bow, to be at ease;
And since a man's more reasonable, they say,
Than woman is, you must have patience aye.
What ails you that you grumble thus and groan?
Is it because you'd have my cunt alone?
Why take it all, lo, have it every bit;
Peter! Beshrew you but you're fond of it!
For if I would go peddle my belle chose,
I could walk out as fresh as is a rose;
But I will keep it for your own sweet tooth.
And now in Middle English:
That it is fair to have a wyf in pees.
Oon of us two moste bowen, doutelees;
And sith a man is moore resonable
Than womman is, ye moste been suffrable.
What eyleth yow to grucche thus and grone?
Is it for ye wolde have my queynte allone?
Wy, taak it al! lo, have it every deel!
Peter! I shrewe yow, but ye love it weel;
For if I wolde selle my bele chose,
I koude walke as fressh as is a rose;
But I wol kepe it for youre owene tooth.
(To read the above correctly pronounce every letter.)

Queynte = cunt

just as the lock on the chase of hot printers type was called a quion. Quion = coin
wow. after all that, dr, i don't suppose there's any point in mentioning johnny rotten's use of the word....

Yeah, got a little carried away with that one. Wasn't even intoxicated. If I offended anyone it was not intentional.
My favorite Middle English word is in the quote:
grucche (pronouced gruck chee)= grumble or grouch

ER is, I suspect, most dismaid by this thread of the string he pulled.
I don't think anyone who names a post " 'Turd' is in the Bible" would ever have a right to complain about what followed.

Another nongratuitous c-word story:

I heard awhile back that heads rolled at a big newspaper somewhere up north. Someone had written a story about the c-word and how, by default, it has become THE WORD NO ONE MAY UTTER IN ANY COMPANY. Talked to women's studies types, linguists, everyday people, etc., etc. Then, a page designer is said to have written an oversize head, in novelty type, "You C*NT say that!" -- leaving the U out but marked with an asterisk.

It was all deemed too sordid for a family newspaper. Higher-up editor say it too late. Story pulled. Papers retrieved fromn the docks. Heads rolled. Hoot.
Oh yes, one can never be sure in one' own time who will be the artist of that time who will have a place of honor in future centuries. Johnny R., given the right developements, may be the future's Chaucer.

Book Sale!
Book Sale!
This Friday in the Oklahoma Expo Building at the OKC Fair Grounds the OKC Library Book Sale. More than 350,000 Volumes and more magazines, videos, tapes, cassets, cds, dvds, etc. etc.
I spent 9 hours yesterday helping put up the books to be sold (It takes 4 days total to put them all up with 50 people a day working on it).
Friday night is membership night, memberships are available at the door, I think they are $5 individual and $10 per family.
Saturday and Sunday entrance is free.
People bring their own shopping carts and wheelbarrows to this book sale, y'all.

Having, as I do, some dozen grocery sacks of books on my to-read "stack," I must pass this year.
just for the record.. when those wingnuts claim christians are for the war in Iraq... the pope was against it. Funny how that happens
But most of the wingnuts don't think the pope is a Christian! Ask 'em! Funnier how THAT happens.
Douche.. err.. umm Touche
Yeah! Skubula actually means "shit" in today's vernacular.
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