Saturday, February 11, 2006


Still life: Table by ER's recliner

Martini. Slim Jim meat snacks (box in back). Three snow globes. Pint jar of gumballs from Cracker Barrel. Kitty treats. Chile-chocolate-covered pecans in bag on top of holiday-themed plastic bowl of assorted unshelled nuts. Small sock puppet. Oklahoma lottery tickets. Pen. Lamp bottom.

(Photo by ER, early February, 2006)

Presumably the Tums was just out of camera range.
GP, you made me laugh myself sick! That's so funny he missed mentioning the Tums! But then again, how else would he survive that litany of other objects close at hand without them?
Maybe they aren't really Tums, but a Tums-shaped snowglobe. he appears to have a perverse, almost Citizen-Kane-like fascination with them ...
Actually, if you click on the photo to examine the detail, what looks like Tums is neither snowglobe nor antacids. It's the kitty treats.

Cat treats in a Tums bottle? Tells you all you need to know about the diet of Redneck felines, eh?
Also lost in the detail are a couple of empty nicotine gum wrappers. I am a mess. I like to lose myself in snow globes. :-)
Thay also all appear to be Christmas snowglobes. What, you don't have seasonal collections --like a Valentine's Day set?
ER, that picture is as funny as heck!

These are items I need to have at my side while watching the Sunday Hotair-filled Idiot Talk Shows.

I am going to send this link to Pissed off Patricia, she just created a blog called Morning Martini.

You guys will have to fight it out for the picture republishing rights.
Mad Mustard, thanks! I'll check out POP's site.

Nick: There are non-Christmas snowglobes??? Really? I could branch out?
Well. I stand corrected. But still, you have to admit it was damned funny the other way. LOL!
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