Monday, February 13, 2006


Oklahoma State (of Crises)

Sad, sad days in Oklahoma State Cowboys Land!

The basektball team sucks. Coach Eddie Sutton was in a car wreck last Friday. Today OSU put him on medical leave, and news came that he was cited for driving under the influence. Hydrocodone was seen in the seat of his SUV.

(Dr. ER, hearing the topic of this post, declared, "We don't need to have any rash worldwide bashing of hydrocodone, though! Damn it!" She is very, very carefully taking limited amounts of it, and other prescription drugs, for pain, for her broken hip).

Sutton is taking hydrocodone for back pain. Old ghosts are sure to surface, though. He had a drinking problem back in the day, which he said was "dealt with" when he arrived in OSU in 1990. No hints of trouble, that I know of, in 16 years.

Also, OSU wrestlers fell Sunday to the Golden Gophers of Minnesota before a home state crowd in Oklahoma City. Heavyweight Steve Mocco got whipped for the third time straight by the same, um, Gopher. He better watch it, or they'll start callin' him Mock-o. Hey, he bought into and helped fuel his own hype.

And Dr. ER just yelped and said, "They're pissin' me off!" and changed the TV in the front room from the OSU-Kansas basketball to the Olympics.

Sigh. Money's nice and all, Mr. Boone Pickens -- he's donated something like $250 million to OSU the past couple of years -- but it can't buy good karma.

And OSU Cowboys need some good karma, man.


The first-round NIT loss sucked, the No. 2 finish in Big 12 baseball was pretty darn cool, wished they could have won a game in Fayettville though, the national wrestling title was cool and that national golf title was sweet! I'll take this kind of crises any day!

Ride'em Cowboys!!!!
Good points. I guess I *was* sounding like a sooner. ...
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