Friday, February 10, 2006


NOT a woman's anatomy! Not THAT!

Yeah, I'm on a roll. This reads like a parody.


This Tuesday, when romance and flowers should be taking center stage, the nickname for Valentine's Day will be hijacked by liberal feminists looking to foist their strange views about womanhood on students.

"V" no longer stands for Valentine's, but for a word describing a woman's intimate anatomy ...

Read all about it.

Shoot. I guess this still means no flowers for me unless I buy them myself! DAMMIT!
Those crazy feminists and their idea that vaginas have something to do with womanhood! How degrading!
Ok, no, wait, this is the best part:

"The main argument used by proponents of V-Day is ending violence against women, so counter that with your own ideas."
Thanx a lot, ER.....The mental picture of the Liberal feminist's "V"'s is blinding me.

Especially when realizing the "V"'s may actually be "i"'s.

i'm still licking the wounds i got in the war on christmas....

It's great how 'vulgarity' is so often portrayed as being some sort of unanswerable transgression, far worse than actually doing something that hurts people...As opposed to their sensibilities. I've seen people who nearly ran people over with their cars stop to chastise people who flipped them off, as if a gesture and the possibility of vehicular manslaughter were in some way conversant.
And always look out when conservatives use the word 'antics' in any way. It means they've stopped listening, and are responding in some sort of 'what-mom-would-like' sort of trance.
Re, "true meaning of Valentine's Day"

Isn't that to sell millions of cards and boxes of candy?

Slow news day at FOTF.

"not suitable for children" Not suitable for nonsocialized home-schooled freak children, maybe.
Is the title of the FTOF article meant to be inronic? Because I didn't think women were allowed private sexuality anymore. I thought all that is now intended to be the subject of scrutiny by the, ahem, organ of state.

Imagine the audacity of wanting to reduce violence against women. The nerve!
It was late on Friday night February 13th and we had just put the OU Daily to bed. Litterally to bed, because at that time it was printed on a flat bed press. We ran a dozen of so copies and Backshop forman took some up front and we took our individual copies and started to look for workups and things that had come lose, or tape sterotypes that had slipped and anything else that need to be fixed. Soon thereafter the pressman uttered a "holy shit", and showed the head make-up-man who took his paper and headed out the door to the frontshop.
It was a full page add for a men's clothier in Norman. That said in 4 inch letters "HAPPY" across the top of the page and then in 6 inch letters it said "V.D. Day".
I am experiencing deja vu all over again, drlobojo. What years were you there? Was Squirrel there? or Jerry?
Both Jimmy Squirrel and Jerry were there. Vanderworth was in charge. I was there 64-65 and 65-66 and summers too. I was make-up on the stone, and did the headlines on the Ludlow. My room-mate in 64-65 ran a lino-type. My room-mate 65-66 was the devil.
Took my spouse to see Fly Lady today. Did you go? She said there were about 250 Fly-babies in an area set up for 50.
Did anyone remember Lon Chaney Jr.'s Birthday Friday night he was 100. The Walmart parking lot was hopping with were-wolves.
"It means they've stopped listening, and are responding in some sort of 'what-mom-would-like' sort of trance."

oh, bam!

You were about 10 years ahead of me I guess. I started fall '73 to '76, in the newsroom, then transferred to the backshop to make more money (piddling as it was, it was more than the newsroom.) But by that time we were setting cold type. I did paste-up as well as typesetting. Bob would get upset when I found mistakes the newsroom missed.

I didn't make it to Tulsa because I had a memorial service in OKC. And I missed the Lon Chaney observation! However, I did get to see Nanny McPhee, which I thoroughly enjoyed. We all need a good fairy tale now and then.
Yeaah I figured you had to be after "my time", being a youngin and all.

Actually I was the only werewolf in the parking lot Friday night.
So I howled early and when home to bed.
Don't ya think the historical society should put up a Lon Chaney Jr. marker there? Hell, they ought to put up a Belle Isle Park marker as well.

I kind of looked around for ER and Dr. ER at the 100th birthday non-gathering in that I was sure if anyone could of seen the haints wandering it would have been her.
"I wanna be the minority,
I don't need your authority,
'Cause I wanna be the minority."

--Green Day, "Minority"
Picture the following stage depictions: a 6-year-old girl's detailed description of the intimate parts of her body; explicit descriptions of child rape; graphic discussion of lesbian sex; and portrayal of men in general as adulterers, abusers and rapists.

Once again, the fringe lunatics are calling for us to turn a blind eye to the real world and pretend that everything's freakin' LEAVE IT TO BEAVER.

Fun fact: Even when "family values" were all the rage in TV land they weren't all the rage in America. It's just that everyone kepth their mouths shut and carried on a sickeningly happy facade.

These people are stuck in a fantasy world. They need to wake up.
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