Saturday, February 04, 2006



Work room on left. Milking room to right. Feed room behind bay in middle.

(Photo by ER at ER home place, eastern Oklahoma)

I bet you spent a lot of time there as a little squirt.

I crack myself up.
I heard a theory (not the scientific kind) that the reason the most country boys always had the fantasy of having two women at the same time is that they were raised thinking having four tits available was normal.
That made me spit my Diet Coke!
my milkshake
brings all the boys....

Sorry Trixie, that "four tit" theory was utterly bad, but I love to milk a pun until the cows come home.
That's udderly funny, doc. I love blog threads that use the word "tits." Hell, I love 'em myself. But that's another story.

We should milk this one until a more moo-ving excerpt comes our way.
Teditor since last night my mind has been churning to find a better way to butter up a pun. So I ran them through the seperator to get the cream of my thoughts and put them out of the whey. But all of my solutions seem too cheesey to cut lose, and simply curd up in my brain. So I have decided to spread them over this milk toast of a blog entry rather than writting them down in my personal dairy. This is what happens when things go sour.
Doc, I think you went a teet too far with that one. I think you should back off your grip. Don't squeeze so hard. It's more about the consistency of the pull, not the verosity.

Fortunately, when you ... pull ... all this together, it's all cream.
It is all in the rythem teditor....
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