Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Kitty-dog and kitty-cat

I'm pretty sure that Fenway, the step-granddog, would bite my ankles if he understood me when I call him "kitty-dog." But I swear, he acts like a cat!

Be that as it may, Ice-T LOATHES all forms of canine, of course, kitty-dogs or not.


Took me awhile to catch up. Damn fine postin' you been doing in these last several days. Informative and inspiring. Plus, the spam about Hillary committing the biggest fraud ever made me laugh out loud.

Love love love the critter pictures, and I will happily admit that I believe cats (and dogs) are sentient beings. I think they understand more than we give them credit for. I think they understand more than the current president does...which isn't giving them all that much credit, after all.

Awwwww, da pwecious puppy-baby is taking a widdle nap. Ain't he sweeeeet? I wub him!
That reminds me of that famous honkytonk song by Buckwheat:

"Wookin' Puh Nub"
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