Monday, February 13, 2006


Frito Bandito en la casa!

It took, what, a month and a few false starts on e-Bay, but bloggy buddy and RW friend Drlobojo secured Dr. ER and I our very own Frito Bandito pencil eraser (circa 1969-72)!


ER, you ARE the Frito Bandito, aren't you? Put on that hat and whisk out that 'stache, and you could sell chips to ... uh ... about anybody. :-)
Dear ER,
I think the Frito Banito may have been quail hunting down along the border Saturday.
Any other of you rednecks out there ever shoot anybody while quail hunting?
Have any of you ever seen a quail wearing an orange vest?
What is a 28 gauge shotgun (is that a 410?)?

---Confused in Oklahoma
I couldn't believe my ears when I heard a reporter ask if the vp was going to resign. Do they give a test to reporters to make sure they are dumb enough to look that dumb. They must have to be insane to get the job, or they wouldn't be able to ask the same question over and over and expect a different answer each time. I like the look on their faces when they don't hear what they want. Poor little morons go to bed hungry for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Unless the truth doesn't sell papers or air time.
Congratulations dr. that’s quite a stretch, a kids eraser to politics as usual. This blog is better than the comedy channel.
Did you hear the reporter ask the White House press secretary, “would this incident have been more serious if the man had died”? He’ll never live that one down.
Anon 12:45 Said:
"Congratulations dr. that’s quite a stretch...."

Sequays Are Us!
Or is that "Seguays Are Us"?
or "Segways Are Us"?

Anon, did you say, "..politics as usual" = VP shooting some one?
Dr. Lobojo,

A 28 guage is larger than a .410 (it is nearly, or just over .5 inches in diameter). It is not a widely used guage (obviously). Purists (usually people with money or family heirlooms) prefer a 28 guage when hunting Mr. Bob White, feeling it to be a more sporting caliber.

As to shooting anybody while quail hunting - I've never done it. My Dad did, though, when he was in high school. It messed him up (the other kid, too). Because of that, he never hunted again - anything, not just birds. He taught me firearm safty and how to shoot, but he left it to the rest of my kin to give me instruction in the art of hunting.
Mr. ER,

Been gone a spell. I'm glad you made up with the guy who made you mad.

And that picture with the martini is making me drool. Damn. When will I learn not to read your blog while I am at work?!?

Thanks Rem 870, that was a real question about the 28 gauge, I couldn't figure out why it was being repeated if it was wrong.
Not somethin you pick up at Sears and Sawbucks I imagine, custom made, or is there a nich marketer?
My brother shot me in the leg while rabbit hunting one day. We were walking side by side down a path and a stupid rabbit ran across the path from his side to mine. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a quick movement as my brother spun around at waist level. I hollered loud enough to throw off his aim and make the rabbit do a 180 with the same breath. I took a few bb's in the calf and now have something to gripe about for life.
Re, "This blog is better than the comedy channel."

Thanks. We try.
I honestly don't know if you could pick a new one up. I guess you could probably special order one. I've never looked for one. I do know that ammo is also hard to come by - i.e. Wal-mart doesn't carry it. I've only ever held/fired two 28 guages. The first was valued at $22k - it was burned up with the rest of my friend's collection when his house burned down a couple of years back. It had some intricate work done on the stock and receiver. His dad bought him a replacement (same year and model as the original, but in inferior condition) for $14k. There must be some every-man 28s out there somewhere, but I've never seen 'em. The only other people I know to shoot 28 guages had them handed down in their family for a couple of generations.
I've been pepperd with shot two or three time, from way off, while dove hunting.

Also, reporters DO ask stupid questions sometimes. But here's one that needs to be asked: WAS THE VEEP DRINKING AT THE TIME?

I don't know whether he even drinks or not.
I just checked Remington's website. They offer the 1100 in 28-guage. It surprised me. Still, I wouldn't expect many dealers to keep them in stock.
Suber B, and I just got a new bottle of olives stuffed with blue cheese! Yum!
Olives stuffed with bleu cheese=yum.

I have olives stuffed with almonds and they are wonderful. Are you a gin martini person or a vodka martini person? Myself, I am a gin martini person. Bombay Sapphire, to be exact.

I've been pepperd with shot two or three time, from way off, while dove hunting.

Me, too. I've also had steel shot rain down all around me whilst water-fowling.
Super B, now you're making me drool. I'd managed to convince myself that was a vodka martini in the picture, but now that you've got me thinking gin again...

Gin martini, made with Cascade Mountain gin if at all possible (see Tanqueray if not. With a twist.
Olives, banditos, 28 gauge shot guns, VP shooting someone, gin, steel shot , vodka martini, quail, Anger managment, this blog on some days sounds like a convention of Adult Attention Deficite Dis-order patients off of their medications.

ER, try the garlic stuffed olives.

Rem, went hunting once with a HS friend who had his inherited Police Chief Grandfather's 10 gauge double barrel. He thought that it might bring down the quail easier. He only fired it twice on that hunt. You couldn't even find the feathers, and his shoulder hurt for a week. I LMAO. :)
All roads lead to the Frito Bandito!

Beefeater gin.

BUT, I've recently discovered Hendricks, a Scottish gin with a whiff of cucumber. No kidding. Excellent, crisp martini.
McCormick Blue Label Gin from Weston, Mo.
This has been a fun read today, for a change. Keep up the good work.
Weston Missouri, McCormick Distillery: My all time favorite is Platt Valley Corn Whiskey, next is B.J. Holiday's Private Stock, McCormick makes good stuff. Platt Valley(actually comes in a jug mind you) slaps yu up side de head and B.J.'s slips up on you un-awares. Trouble is half the time you have to go to Weston to buy it at their store in town and the store is not necessarily open just because it is supposed to be.
Correction: That should have been "BJ Holiday's Private Keep."
speedy gonzales rolls in his grave....

OMG, drlobojo, are you a cousin of mine or something? My family goes back to Civil War days in Platte County. I was last there over Christmas and my aunt and I made a trip to Weston. The one thing my uncle requested was blue label gin but you guessed it, the McCormick store was closed the day before Christmas. It was also going to be closed on New Year's Eve. What kind of sense does that make? I've got some jugs from there somewhere around here, I think. At least I remember some from my childhood. And another bit of Platte County history -- I was named for another tiny town near Weston. There are an awful lot of good people around there that make their own stout wine also. Uncle collects bottles to return for refills.
Drlobojo, I've posted some photos on my blog that may look familiar if you know Platte County!
Well Trixie I've got 45 first cousins, no make that 42, cause three are dead now, don't got no Trixie on the list however. Weston is an old steamboat town that was left high and dry by the river, been there many times over the years. Got clued into BJ Holiday's Private Keep by a guy named Dayton Duncan who swore it was the best sipping whiskey made.
Duncan has gone on to be a well known writter, and I have run into him on the Lewis and Clark Centennial circuit over the last few years. Drinking BJ's stuff led me to the Platt Valley whiskey.
It is an old occupational problem of mine to always know with whom I'm dealing. You have now give me enough clues that I actually know who you are. Check with ER to see if I am correct.
I just talked to my aunt who lives in Camden Point (pop. 434) She's a tea-totaler but I told her we were discussing BJ Holiday's Private Keep and she said "Oh yeah, we know all about that..." (Uncle likes a sip pretty often; she does not like that.)
Humm, BJ's in ice tea. I'll have to give it a try.
Now that the string is nearly done I will confess that I was hit by a spent round from friendly fire once. I drilled a hole in it put it on a grenade ring and used it as a key ring for a while. Later, I felt that it needed to be in my medicine pouch. Being hit by a spent round is one of the several reasons I have always felt that God was teasing me a lot.
And drlobojo wins the gold medal!
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