Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Deep Thoughts, by Erudite Redneck

Not really. Just random brainfartage.

Student staff at the ou student newspaper gave readers more than they bargained for today: A free condom. Good for them. Provocative. (Yes, I herewith violate my own insistence that the ER Roadhouse remain an ou-free zone.)

The Cheney shooting: The plot thickens. I don't know about you, but I take what comes out of the White House as the pure bullsnot it is. The man didn't get peppered. He got shot. And it's not the victim's fault.

American Bar Association to Bush: Please obey the Constitution. Presumably, ABA members can read law.

A few folks have accused me lately of veering further left. So, as I do periodically, I rechecked. Nope. I have, however, drifted a click or two more toward libertarianism:

My political compass (counted from an X-Y axis):

Economic Left/Right: -5.50
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.85

Check yourself at Political Compass.


BTW, the White press can shut the hell up, too. The whole world does not have to be laundered by them.

Coulda been handled better. But I think it's a hoot that the news came from the ranch owner, through the Corpus Christi paper.
Economic Left/Right: 4.00
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 4.77

I guess we're kinda diametrically opposed. I don't think we needed a test to figure that one out, though. : )
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Your political compass
Economic Left/Right: -1.88
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.38

If you're curious - much less liberal, somehwat more libertarian than ER. Also opposed to rem, but on anti-authoritarian grounds.

btw: That Financial Reality blog is terrific. Thanks.

4:18 PM
Hoo hoo. Ahjem. White "House press, I meant.
You've done really well and showed a lot of class the last couple of days. Please don't blow it and jump on the media band wagon as to the time line of events. If a police officer shoots someone, even a bad guy they are wisked off for couseling and don't talk to anyone for a few days. It was 5:30pm and texas is a big place. Probably was 8 or 9 before they knew it. Also I thought it was kind of cute that the entire world was scooped by a local paper. heh heh
Red alert.

Damn it hell, Anon, BUG OFF.

What part of if you don't like what you read here, stay the hell away from here do you not understand?

Besides that, did you even READ what I said? See the first comnent. It's mine.

Besides again: The vistim of an accidenta shooting is never EVER at fault. Period. Scotta McClellan BLAMED the victim.

Besides again again: Class my ass. I just say anything you disagreed with. BUG OFF.
Would this be a bad time to bring up how long it took Teddy Kennedy -- lionized in an earlier post here for the "statemanship" he brings to the Senate -- to alert the authorities after he drove off a bridge and let a young woman who wasn't his wife drown?
Me and the pope, great minds think alike.
TS you may have to take over the John Spruce society. As President of the radical middle of the roaders I should have scored zero zero. I didn't.
I scored -6.9 to the Left and -7.0 to the Libertarian. That makes me a hard left leaning libertarian.
ER you should plot all of these and post it on your blog to see the freaky variation that you host here.

Say guys, you're right about it not being just a "peppering" incident.
If one pellet penetrated past the ribs and muscles and the heart sack itself to get into or onto the heart muscle that is freaking seriously shot. Don't those dudes down in Corpus have xray machines?
Get this guy up to Walter Reed, and do it right. I also agree that the VP has to be feeling pretty bad about this. Doing this kind of thing would shake up anyone. In fact I think part of the f..k up at the White House is their insensetivity to how this is playing with Cheney himself. They are assuming that this is the standard "blame the victim", "we did nothing wrong" event. I might be wrong, but I'm not sure Dick Cheney would see it that way.
DrL - We HAVE to keep you as the figureh, ah, President. You photograph better.
Yep, he's gone off the deep end.
In case anyone didn't get it, "Red alert" means phasers are set on "kill."

I'm at war with an obnoxious asshole who mistakes condescension for compliment. And I'm sorry if any of the blood, teeth and eyeballs get on anyone else.

But he-her is dead meat anytime I detect him-her now.
Nick, since I haven't said a damn thing negative, or positive, about how or whether the VEEP reported the shooting, YES, now would be a bad time to be an ass making a comparison between anything Kennedy and Cheney did or did not do.
And, Nick. I dare you to find any post where I lionized Kennedy. Unless you're using the Orwell Dictionary that you usually use.
Here. I've savced you the trouble.

Jan. 11:

As for Kennedy: He may be a drunk, he may have gotten away with manslaughter, he may be a fat asshole.

But he gives voice to political minorities like no one else can, so I'm glad that he is where he is. And the fact that he drives righty-rights nuts is just gravy.
# posted by Erudite Redneck : 10:17 AM

"Lionizing" requires someone "assigning" importance or celebrity that isn't obvious. Above, I stated four facts, most of them negative, and two opinions. Lionized? Not even close. Except in the Orwell Dictionary.
I stand corrected on my use of terminology. I should have said he was "held up as an example of what's good about our government" -- despite waiting all those hours to report to the authorities that he had driven his car off a bridge and let a woman drown.

That's the more fitting definition from the Marxist/Leninist dictionary you carry around.
Economic Left/Right: -5.00
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.08

ER, we think too much alike for my taste. :-)
That's why you don't make sense sometimes. You delete posts and try to hide the truth.
When will you learn that blogs are just the new bathroom wall of life.
You write, I write, then every few months it is painted over. Nothing changes, the world, people, nothing.
No, I don't delete posts. Rarely. Only after the warning "red alert," and only, I'm pretty sure, yours. Are you nuts?

If you know me personally, stop. If you do not, exlain to me how I've come to be your pet project. Seriously. This is no bathroom wall, you dolt; It'a a web log -- a personal thing shared publicly.

If I don't "make sense" sometimes, it's because I don't effing HAVE to.

If you don't like it, fine. But don't treat it like a bathroom wall! That says more about you than you probably thought.

Red alert. No mas.
If you have ever seen the bathroom stall walls at M.I.T. you would know that some bathroom walls are different than others. I for one learn things here, often because I have to remember or go look up something to refute all you dudes to the political right and authoritarian right of me.
I see this more as the morning coffee clutch at the local cafe, or the spit and whittle club that meets in the south end of the park under the big oak tree, or occassionally as a first year graduate seminar where everybody is trying to impress everyone else and find their nich. Sometimes it is a bunch or redneck dumbf..ks huddled arround a digital campfire in cyberland boozing it up on Dickles and beer and praising their best gun and dog.
Of course it doesn't change the world, hell even things that do change the world don't change it for long. If your looking for meaning to life take up Yoga, because you won't find it here.
And that is my scribble for now...
Nick, if you think I am a Maxist, you are even more disturbed than I ever thought.

Drlobojo, you are right. And at about any of those scenarios, any jackass who barged in, stomped around and bitched because he didn't like what he saw and heard would have his head handed to him.
Sorry, meant "Marxist."

("I did used to be a Maximusist ...")
ER remember B.F. Skinner? Exstinguish the behavior, ignore it.
Or remember Canada Bill Jones?
"A Smith and Wesson beats four aces." Just delete his comments and extinguish his/her presence here.
Unless I missed one, I am the only poster to score in the upper-right-hand quadrant (Nick, take the test.). Everybody else is in the lower-left-hand quadrant. No wonder I'm the only one around here to make any sense. : )
Rem ha! Nick should be up there with you. So would Tug, but I think he doesn't *like* me any more! Mark would, too -- but he's off doing his own thing, too.

A couple of meanies, regretfully, ran Mark off from here. I don't know what happened to Tug. I am surprised at Teditors' reading, and wonder, actually, if he ain't pullin' my leg; he's a Repub.

And, I know there are more than a few righty lurkers.
The redneck is really the only one that stomps around when he doesn't get his way. I'm just here to relax and see what's what.
When handling firearms, the ultimate burden of safety rests on the shooter, period.

My Political Compass:

Economic: -8.25
Social: -7.85
ER, I answered those questions as honestly as I could, and that's the number I got. Stunned, I say. Shocked, I say. Dismayed, I say.

How in the world can I be soo similar to you?

I shall have to take a knife to my wrist. Mind if it's covered in butter?

Damn Brandon you're a bigger sicko Libertarian than I am!
Latest poll from Flying J's bathroom wall. Democrats seen as cold hearted bastards for picking on man who shoots best friend.
No, I don't really think you're a Marxist, ER. But then, I don't think I'm Big Brother, either.
What people outside Oklahoma may not factor into our way of thinking is that the State was founded during the Populist movement at the beginning of the 20th century. The Populist were anti- authoritarian, anti-business, anti-government, and didn't give much credance to the church controlling anything either. In fact the State actually voted Socialist in one or two Presidential Elections ion the 1930s. Like or not we have been raised as Populist and carry those beliefs into the 21st Century. Most of us don't even know that we have had that influence. Oklahoma is so hell bent on not having anybody actually in charge that we have four independent branches of government instead of three.
But Nick, you do have your own Orwellian definitions for otherwise common terms. :-)
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