Saturday, February 11, 2006


Cat nappin' with Ice-T

"I can always tell when you’re about to become a heap twitching and jerking on the floor as you lose total control of your mind and body because you switch to pictures of dogs and cats while you ... try to regain control."

--Anonymass, on a previous post

Oof. I can barely reach the keyboard from the floor, as I am a twitching, jerking heap. But I like this pic of me and Ice-T cat-nappin'. Dr. ER snapped it whilst we were unawares this afternoon.


Bailey, the po' white trash weinie dog, insists that I put up this great profile shot of him!


you lucky stiff! due to rental agreements, i haven't been able to keep any pets for many years. can't even begin to tell you how much i miss having a pet.


lol! i'm gonna have to steal that one!

Tell me true now, did you pull an Orwell and dump a whole post down a memory hole?
If you repress these things they will fester you know.
Not repressed, Drlobobojo.

Dealt with.

KEvron: I feel yer pain. I went from growing up on a farm, to living in animal-free apartments for 10 years, to takin' on a stepdog, then gettin' Baily, and most recently adoptin' Ice-T.
Oh, OK, one of those if you don't show me yours I won't show you mine deals. So it was a mutual errasure deal huh? By my count this is episode number three with this entity. 5 to 1 he fudged.
Oh yes, cute cat.
No, Drlobojo. My own anger ran its course, is all. A third-party reminded me that if Jesus came to reconcile us all to God, then it might be a decent thing for me to to just take my bitching down, as a gesture of reconcilation. My third-party friend was right. No mutual anything, other than maybe to just try to steer clear of one another.
Ice-T is certainly getting bigger. It's fun to see him across time.
That's what Dr. ER says! I still him little enough to sleep on a potholder!
2 cents:

you can't pretend the past didn't happen, so don't fudge the present. if you two are gonna get passed this, then it's better to put everything on the table. full disclosure.

again, just my two coppers. you do what you feel is right.

breaking news: cheney pops a cap on best friend
KEvron, thanks. Not fudging. Just done.

"Hello. My name is ER. I am a Maness-aholic. One day at a time, I will choose NOT to engage him in another fruitless discussion."


FLASH: It happened YESTERDAY. Another coverup? Hmmm?
I think you and Mark ought to agree to not talk religion or politics. There's a reason they don't recommend those conversations in polite society. ;)

I don't know if you've even noticed, but I've pretty much stuck with other subjects where you're concerned--like the kitty. I know there have been times I would have liked to reach through the computer and throttled you! ;)

Give the kitty a good scratch behind the ears from me. You can give the dogs a pat, too, if they look like they're getting jealous. :)
Frenzied, you were one of my very first bloggy buddies! Your absences are as noticeable to me as your presences!

And I appreciate both.

ER, I thought you were smarter than to go over to Mark's place to even visit. You need "dumbass" stamped on your head just for visiting. The only reasons to go over there are to giggle and lower your own IQ.

Well, I can be a dumbass, yes, but I don't need anybody else to help me!
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