Thursday, February 09, 2006


Badlands, South Dakota

Where I'd rather be.


(Photo of ER by Dr. ER, July 2004, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.)

I've run into more rattlesnakes per square foot in the S.D. Badlands than any other place on earth.
This is comepletely unrelated to this post -- like that's a rarity around here -- but how's that Nordic-tracking been going, ER?
Looks to me like a great place for a Wal*Mart Super Center!

(If you build it, they will come...)
That'll make a nice lake when the polar ice cap melts! Lots of islands!
Now you know why they gave a large chunk of it to the Sioux for their reservation. They didn't want anywhere they could hide.
Nick: I've hit that thing every morning for five minutes. This morning, I even did a little incline.

Dude. My legs have already gone from aching because I don't do anything with them, to aching because I AM doing something with them.

Starting Sunday: 10 minutes! Woo hoo! (Pitiful, I know. Even pitifuller is how out of shape I am.)

Tug: LOLOLOL. That's the Tug I like! ;-) Shoot, there's another pic at the same place of me eatin' baloney sammiches and sweet pickles out of a Dale Earnhardt ice chest! I'da ate at a Wal-Mart snack bar if there'da been one!)
Trixie; Hee hee.
Say Mr. ER I have a picture of me at the Badlands too. So I put up at my place for you to see it.
Hey,have you seen the news from
home. FBI closed down Roland and
Moffet police, and are investigating. State troopers were
patroling in place of city police.
The city police are now back on
patrol. But FBI is still questioning people of Seq county.
Something is deffently up..
Fabulous. Aren't we lucky to live in a country this beautiful?
I hear ya, ER. Spent a summer there doing some field work while getting my BA. Beautiful country. Pine Ridge can be a pretty depressing place, though.
fBi at front door stop
using escape tunnel stop
meat me at usual place stop
The bird has flew.
Cuckoo. Cuckoo.

(An aside: Did you know Western Union recently stopped sending telegrams? Stop.)
Usual place may be compromised. Repeat. Usual place may be compromised. Divert to CA at once.
A long forgotten breeze is fixin' to blow.

A longf orgottenb reezeis fixin'tob low

Alongfor got tenbreeze isfix' intoblow.
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