Monday, February 20, 2006


14 characteristics of fascism



(Thanks to Miss Cellania!)

I'd say 12 of the 14 are dead-on accurate;

sexism seems no more rampant than ever, but then I'm a hairy-legged boy, so I defer to the womenfolk on that one;

and the fact that Fox News is conservative doesn't mean the government "controls" the media, although it does spend most waking moments trying to manipulate it for nefarious purposes.

So, counting the two haf-points, maybe 13 out of 14?
Why the hell would we ever put that many aircraft carriers in a close formation? One nuke and we are the 40th largest navy. I hope that wasn't near the Burmuda Triangle.
Why? To show off.
Mr. ER,

The State is working very hard to make sure my body is Its property. So, yep, sexism is worse.

And it's way more than Fox News. Remember the hullaballoo about NPR being too "liberal?" The government keeps trying to interfere with their programming, which is probably because they don't tow the conservative party line. And what about that whole not showing the coffins as they come back from the war? All of this smacks loudly of government control of the media to me.

And now for something completely different: Are you feeling better, or is the color still gone?

I stand corrected, Super B, re: sexism.

Colorwise, what I meant was I wished for a break from the vulgar colors of anger and prejudice and meanness that seem to be all around us, especially in our governments.

So, I took a break, and spent time last weekend with my kiddo, her Yankee Beau and my stepgrand-dog, and spent Saturday afternoon with a bunch of fellow lovers of history, discussing -- and not cussing -- things past.

My own color is returning, as well. Thanks for askin'!

"maybe 13 out of 14?"

ah! which raises a question: how many of the fourteen attributes must be satisfied in order to claim fascism?

Kev! Glad to see you stumble out of the briar patch over at yer place. Holy crap.

I'd say there are clearly fascist trends, is all. As they say, the fact that we're having this discussion is argument enough againt the U.S. being a budding fascist state.* Something to raise hell about, tho.

*For now. Our best hope is innovation and technology.
Now do you want to let's compare the platform of the modern American Democrat Party to the Communist Manifesto, ER?
"let's compare the platform of the modern American Democrat Party to the Communist Manifesto"

a round of the ludicrous? i'm game....

"....the U.S. being a budding fascist state."

it's a constant vigil, pal. a constant vigil.

Sure, Tug. But the link was more of a condemnation of the Bush administration in particular, not the Repubpican Party in general. The party itself actually does have a conscience.
Here, Tug, from CPUSA:

SECTION 3: It shall be the obligation of all Party members to struggle for the unity of the working class, against all forms of national oppression, national chauvinism, discrimination and segregation, against all racist ideologies and practices, such as white chauvinism and anti-Semitism. It shall be the duty of all Party members to fight for the full social, political and economic equality of the African-American, Mexican-American, Puerto Rican, Native American Indians, Asian and Pacific Islanders, other oppressed minorities, immigrants and the foreign born, and to promote the unity of all people as essential to the advancement of their common interests.

It shall be the obligation of all Party members to struggle against all manifestations of male supremacy and discrimination against women, and to fight for the full social, political and economic equality for women.

It shall be the obligation of all Party members to struggle against homophobia and all manifestations of discrimination against gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people, and to fight for their full social and civil rights.

Yep, most of that makes sense. Read more here. Y'all draw your own conclusions:
Actually Tug has a point. The pre-amble to the Communist Manifesto is a very acurate summary of the class difference in Europe at the turn of the last century and there are many parallels to today. so anyone interested in inequality and supression of the general population would find that preamble not so far from reality. It is the next section that seperates the history from the action. So are the Republicans saying that if you are perceptive to history that you are like the communist, then that is true. It is not the perception of history that is bad Tug, it is what you do with it that makes one what one will be.
I think Tug mistook my link, which raises good questions, for name-calling and responded in kind.

Not the first time a righty -- I love ya, Tug! take that as a compliment! -- has exasperatedly thrown the c-word at me.

A state rep did so in the '80s when I dared say my anti-Reagan piece(s) in the college paper.
No, Guys, I followed the link, and I understood it very well.

It seemed to me to be a Pot/Kettle situation at best.

My point was that if we are going to resort to name-calling, there are plenty of names to go around.
Tug, you are the one who resorted to name-calling. I used a link to ask questions. Hard, uncomfortble questions. MY point is I've been called worse than "communist."
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