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Truth cubed Tuesday

Truth will out. Al Gore (D) and Bob Barr (R) are ushering it in.

An executive who arrogates to himself the power to ignore the legitimate legislative directives of the Congress or to act free of the check of the judiciary becomes the central threat that the Founders sought to nullify in the Constitution - an all-powerful executive too reminiscent of the King from whom they had broken free. In the words of James Madison, "the accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.

Read the text of Al Gore's speech.

The truth hurts, and Hillary Clinton spake it.

"When you look at the way the House of Representatives has been run, it has been run like a plantation, and you know what I'm talking about," Clinton (D-N.Y.) told an audience at the Canaan Baptist Church of Christ during an event sponsored by the Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network.

"It has been run in a way so that nobody with a contrary view has had a chance to present legislation, to make an argument, to be heard," she added to thunderous applause.

Read all about it. ("thunderous applause" version).

And here. ("muted response" version).

The truth is Ray Nagin, New Orleans mayor, is a racist.

"It's time for us to come together. It's time for us to rebuild New Orleans, the one that should be a chocolate New Orleans," the mayor said. "This city will be a majority African American city. It's the way God wants it to be. You can't have New Orleans no other way. It wouldn't be New Orleans."

I'll bet Creoles, Cajuns, Spanish, French, American Indians and, well, whites have something to say about that. Idiot.

Read all about it.


Boy, ER you are one to try to stir up your readers.

Nagin is not a racist, he doesn't want to exclude other races, he just wants the people who were there before Katrina to be able to return and re-elect him. He is correct in that New Orleans has been a Black majority city for almost all of its existance. But the mainstay of his speech wasn't about "Chocolate" New Orleans but about black on black crime and the black community not doing right by itself, and God being mad at the blacks for their sins of omission. Sounds like a Black man talking to a Black congregation on a Black Man's birthday holiday.

Love that Mute and Thunderous applause that Hillery received.
Few whites, and even fewer white politicans, have permission to speak "black" to blacks. That's a rare privilege. The Clintons have liscenes from the black culture to do that. The Republicans are just jealous, not even their "Black" politicians have that liscenes.

As for Al, well he is Al. He is sort of like hearing about a tornadoe in West Texas. It might mean a whole lot where it is happening, but it don't mean nothin here.
My redneck point is this: If a white man had said something similar to a white audience on the birthday of a white hero, he wiuld by lynched, so to speak.

On the muted-versus-thunderous deal: Anyone who has never been in a black church might very well mistake the usual amening and hubbubing for "thunder." But I think the bottom line is one paper is showing one bias and the other is showing the other bias, which is why I linked to them both.

And I love yer characterization of ol' Al. When I was newspapering in Texas, it took me a while to get used to the nights when there were four or five tornadoes in a given county, according to my nightly calls to various sheriff's departments -- and NO damange to anything, 'cause there weren't nothin to be damaged out there. Most tornadoes out that way just scare cattle and whack the occasional pump jack and oil tank.
Said ER:
"My redneck point is this: If a white man had said something similar to a white audience on the birthday of a white hero, he wiuld by lynched, so to speak."

Hell. whites said that sort of stuff all the time for at least the first 175 years of American History. It has only been PC for whites to not say it for 50 years or so. Let's have a little equity here. Blacks have another 125 years on their ability to say dumbass things about race and then we'll all be even up.

As for the difference in the reporting on Hillery. I used to sit in legislative committee meetings with a reporter named Tony X who won many awards and went on to work at CNN. Then I would go home and watch Tony tell it like it was on the local TV news. Tony got it right, about 1 time in 10, and sometimes flipped it over totally backwards. I was always amazed.

Yep, I like that Al comparison myself. There ain't nothin out there he can actualy damage, but he is a fearsome site and very loud sometimes.
Nope. It wadn't right then, and it ain't right now.
I agree ER, it wasn't right then and it ain't now.

I just wonder what the real MLK would have to say about what the leaders(jessie, bond, sharpton, etc) of today have done with his sacrifice and hard work?

Bill Cosby is more like Mr. King than any of these "opportunist" ever thought about being.
Historically King was very much an opportunist himself. The only reason he got into the Civil Rights revolution was because he had a large church auditorium, and the Civil Right leaders needed a large auditorium to have a meeting about What Rosa Parks started. King gravitated to his leadership role quickly but there was already an organization behind him that used him as much as he used it.
The real heroes that started the Civil Rights Movement were the members of the Pullman Car Porters Union. King became great, but he had a long way to go when he first got on board.

As for New Orleans, a Chocolate City, I have a Hershey bar in front of me, ingedients listed by volume: Sugar, Milk, cocoa butter, chocolate, soya lecithin, and Emulsifier and Vanillin. If Nagin had just used the code word "diversity" then your PC-ness wouldn't have kicked in.
Nagin knows that they aren't going to let him rebuild the city. Everyone knows that a large chunk of the poor black population won't be returned. It will be five years or more before New Orleans will be totally up and running again (if it ever is), and it won't be the same as before.

If things go wrong over the next few years with the river and the levees and the sea level, New Orleans may go the way of Cairo, Ill. after the 93 flood, it will turn into an empty shell. All that has to happen to make New Orleans a useless ghost town is for the lock and damn on the Mississippi at the Red River confluence fail and you will never get the Mississippi River back into its old channel.
Dear Mr/Ms drlobojo,

I do respect other peoples opinion and respectfully agree to disagree with yours.

However, I do not appreciate your half-truth comments to what I said yesterday about abortion.

You quoted me with this:
"'I believe 99 point something percent have abortions because it is more convenient....'"

and then you said this:
Now ain't that a male conumdrum. Men walk away from their unwanted children. Woman can't. Men say well it isn't mine. A woman can't......"

I do not like your dishonest ways to portray someone you disagree with.

When you quoted me you left out the rest of what I said. Here is what I actually said:

"Although like one of the commentators above said. I believe 99 point something percent have abortions because it is more convenient than to give up self-centeredness for the sake of a life.
And I do believe the men involved are just as responsible and even more than the women who have this to deal with."

Me and ER don't agree with each other very often, but he never takes what I say out of context to slander my opinion and I would hope I never have either.
You did and I would appreciate it if you would reconsider and find another way to disagree with me without slandering what I actually said.
I never heard redneckery called PC befoe. But I hear what yer saying. But Nagin didn't mean "chocolate," and he for dang sure didn't mean "diversity." He meant "cocoa." But hey, a man's got a right to show his heiny once in awhile, no matter what color it is.
For what it's worth, y'all are both southwest Okies. As a far-eastern native, so to speak, of the Indian Territory, I'll be glad to mediate.

Keep in mind, y'all, that there is NO hotter topic than abortion, and fingers on a keyboard can run away from a mind right quick in the heat of the moment.
Chocolate = A mixture of Dark chocolate and white milk.......To make a wonderful chocolate milk.


I like Nagin, I hope he aspires to run for higher office.........As a Democrat of course:)
I agree ER there is NO hotter topic and we do get carried away.

But he had to edit out the front and end of my comment to make me look like a male pig to be able to make the comments he made about a "male conumdrum".

I feel I should have the chance to correct this slander against my character
and I appreciate the space to set the record straight.
I'm with drlobojo on this one.

I'm not sure why this has you riled, ER. I'm not offended by chocolate New Orleans in the least. Or Vanilla. Or Strawberry. Or Neopolitan.

Nagin apologized today, by the way, but as far as I'm concerned, he didn't have to.

After what he has dealt with, he can say anything he wants to as far as I'm concerned. Nothing he could say could be as offensive as the predicament N.O. was left with after Katrina.

And, Kris, whenever white people try to tell black folks who their leaders should be, well, you may notice that the folks who are going to be led don't necessarily feel guided by our recommendations. Nor should they.
I am not white, does that make what I said alright now.
besides what ever "color" I am, I was only making an observation about MLK, I wasn't recommending anything.
Slander is a pretty strong word, especially since I didn't attribute the quote to its source like I normally do.
So here is the posting with the part that you took offense too redacted. I believe the rest of it valuable enough not to change it.

"I believe 99 point something percent have abortions because it is more convenient...."

Line edited
line edited
line edited
line edited
How many senerios can be constructed that would make a woman desperate enough to have an abortion. Single-minimum wage job-too many other children-nobody to stand by her or help her-not her husbands-can't keep her job if she has it-daddy will kill her if he finds out-her whole family will disown her- on and on and on.
A Convenient Act....?
Sounds like just a casual trip to 7-11.
Emmylou Harris has a song on her album Red Dirt Girl entitled My Baby Needs A Shepherd...a hart wrenching ballad about that forfited child..listen to it and see if you can think that it was a "convience".
# posted by drlobojo : 8:20 PM last night

ER using your special gift as a Blog master please take out those first four lines on the other posting if you can.

Kris, careful using the word "dishonest", that is slander.
And Kris, I AM your huckleberry.
Kris, you'll have to decide whether it's "all right," but I don't agree with your opinion, regardless of your race. In the post, I did say "we," including myself in the charge that I was making, and I am white. I say again: WE do it all the time. Read the Maness blog entry of yesterday.
I love this blog!
And Kris, are you SURE you're not white? Your profile says you like James Taylor and Elton John!

I will comment tomorrow you all. I need to get home. I am still at work.
I ain't skeered though LOL

Have a good night and better mornin.
One thing about this blog, is that is not an Amen corner.
ER, finally saw and heard the Hillery clip, and you're right it was the amen-oh yes-praise the Lord response typical of a Black church audience. Like I said the Clinton's have a liscence that most whites aren't given (and most whites don't understand at all). The pastor at the church confirmed that she was on target with her remarks and praised and backed Hillery 100%.
Second that on the amen corner.

But also sadly second the observation that the abortion debate lowered the usually respectable rhetorical honesty on both sides. As always.
Thanks, AmberClear.

Everything Nagain said that ws reported rubbed me the wrong way, fromn the God is mad stuff to the "black city" stuff.

Substitute "the F5 May 3, 1999, tornado" for Katrina, "Moore, Okla." for New Orleans, and "white for "black" and "vanilla" for "chocolate," and maybe it'll e clearer.

Great follow-up story on Nagin, in the N.O. Times Picayune:

Oh come on, ER, you can't substitute the Moore tornado for Katrina -- UNLESS you can make the white people in Moore represent the bottom rung of the economic ladder and leave them behind to rot after the disaster because everybody else has the means to flee town. Oh yeah, and the government doesn't come to help. Because the victims are poor and white and unnoticeable. If after all that, you come back and say you want a vanilla city again, I'm fine with it.
Good points, GP.

Nagin let his rhetoric get away with him nonetheless. He speaks off the cuff and is known for rhetoricl excess, according tio those who have followed his public utterances for a long time.
I am comanche/mexican/anglo-saxon and "look" more white than any color.
I just wish we could debate issues with people without regard of what color anyone is.

An example would be:
If any person of color would say that any white person should not be the "whites" leader, I don't believe the first thing that comes to mind of that white person is; "who are you a person of color telling me a white person who my leader should be". At least it doesn't come to my mind.

But I am not so foolish to believe that color doesn't cloud issues. And that there has been a great injustice to those whom the "Europeans" subjected to slavery in this country.

But if I may invoke "amen corner" The black or african americans were very spiritual and God used men like Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King to bring repentence to our country to solve a large part of this injustice.
There still is work to be done though. I feel the work to be done though will not complete itself until we stop working from the bases of division and start from working together.
What Nagin said does not work toward solving the issues, it only makes them worse by causing more division. Hopefully his apology will prove to be sincere.

I appreciate your redack.
"This blog is not the amen corner", I agree. But I haven't seen this blog censor anyones opinion either.
Glad yer back, Kris. You add a good voice to the goings-on 'round here.

You ever read "Chicksaw Rancher"?
[Neil R. Johnson, "The Chickasaw Rancher," rev. ed. (Boulder: University Press of Colorado, 2001; reprint, Stillwater, Okla.: Redlands Press, 1960).]

Montford T. Johnson, post-Sivil War rancher successful around Council Grove (in present west OKC to non-Okies) and parts south, mainly because he didn't hire Texans, which kept the Comanches from giving him grief.

Something in there made me think of you the other say. Mighta mentioned a Mexican-Comanche family or something, but I'd have to go back and look it up.
I hereby revise and extend the remark in my original post:

"The truth is Ray Nagin, New Orleans mayor, said a racist thing."
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