Wednesday, January 04, 2006


NBC loses it

Have y'all seen the promos for NBC's new series "Book of Daniel"?

Sacrilegious, for sure.

Read all about it.

Here's what We The Mortified & Offended can do about it:

Don't watch it.

Click off of NBC.

But don't insult the Holy Spirit by insisting that a stupid show by stupid programmers -- total MOE-rons, considering the tenor of religious debate in this country -- is going to do much in the way of discouraging people from Christianity.

What passes for mainstrwam Christianity is doin' a right fine job of that all on its own.

News flash: The world is lost. Would that cultural Christians would stop being surprised by stuff like this,


And, as I've posted a few places, we do need to keep in mind that if Jesus story were put on the small screen he'd be a self-described drunkard surrounded by prostitutes, murderers, traitors, cursing sailors and he would have been conceived out of wedlock to boot! It'd doubtless have to run on HBO to be done justice to.

I agree that the show has a good chance of being no good (TV and all) but the fact that it's about sinners shouldn't put a kink in Robertson's knickers.
"Self-described drunkard"?
Makes me glad I watch CBS on Friday nights.
Now this has not yet aired, correct? So how do we know that it is bad? I remember a very popular sit-com from the 1950's called "I Married and Angel", then there was "Touched by an Angel", "Oh God, Parts I, II, III, etc.", and who can forget "Highway to Heaven" with Micheal Landon of Little House and Bonaza fame.
But the guys that brought you the boycott of Target and Ford Motor Co. say this about the upcoming show.

The American Family Association's(AFA’s) description of the show’s characters included mentions of “a drug-addicted Episcopal priest; his alcoholic wife; his son, a 23-year-old homosexual Republican; his daughter, a 16-year-old drug dealing daughter; a 16-year-old adopted son who is having sex with the bishop's daughter; his lesbian secretary who is sleeping with his sister-in-law; and a very unconventional white-robed, bearded Jesus who talks to the priest.”

I think this guy was the pastor of my church about 10 years ago.
I don't remember seeing Jesus advise him, but he did tell us he was "chosen" to lead us.

However, NBC describes the family as the “Reverend Daniel Webster, an unconventional Episcopalian minister;” Peter, “his 23-year-old son, who struggles with the loss of his twin brother;” Grace, "his 16-year-old daughter who doesn’t try to push her father’s buttons but succeeds at it nonetheless;” Adam, "his 16-year-old adopted Chinese son, a handsome and cocky high school jock with a wicked sense of humor; a “loving wife” with a “fondness for mid-day martinis;” and an actor portraying Jesus, “whose frequent chats with Daniel serve to remind him of his strengths and weaknesses.”

If I thought the first description was correct, I might just watch it, but I am afraid the NBC description will be closer to the facts: BOARING.
An interesting question is: if a program offends some safe right-thinking values - e.g., we think it's racist - how do people feel about protests and sponsor boycotts? Not interested in condemning the (in this case, right wing) people whose issue I think is laughable using these tactics unless we get to condemn everybody who does, even when we agree with them.
Well, I never meant to suggest that people shouldn't boycott, or protest, or whatever.

I just think that sort of thing plays directly into the hands of those who will make money on the conroversy -- which really is the whole point.

Which is an irony:

In their effort to "protect" God, who needs no protecting, those who are raising hell, by bringing undue attention to the show, are creating more mammon.

Good job, FOTF! (Daily whineful listserv thing from Focus on the Family brought the controversy to my attention.)


Stupid, still, on NBC's part. They might make some money, but in today's climate, they are just pouring gas on a fire that will consume more innocent bystanders before it finally flames out and collapses in its own ashes:

Right-wing fundamentalist religion and its right-wing fundamentalist lackeys in the Republican Party.
Oh, Drlobo, the trailers themselves were distasteful to me. I imagine the show itself would make by neck red so fast, and awaken any lingering fundy lingerings, I'd embarrass myself.

But I sure don't think it matters a dang whit in any broader sense. Just something for the fundy organizations to use to whip up their base in time for Alito -- and to get the coffers off to a good start in 2006.

Bah! NBC doesn't give a damn about Jesus, and neither do the righty-right cultural religionists pretending to go to His defense. If the righty-rights actually cared about Jesus, they'd listen more to what He had to say, and less to their worldly religious leaders, who are getting worldlier by the day. Bah!
St. Matthew 7:1
1950s TV? Dr. Lobojo, dude, you're, like, old.

Teditor, dude, you got no idea how really old I am. Some days I'm sure I've lived about three to four lives too many.
ER, old buddy, your spiritual arrogance is positively mind-blowing -- particularly because you think spiritual arrogance is only something that afflicts people on the "religious right." You bristle and bluster whenever someone questions your faith because of your lefty views, but have no qualms about smugly dismissing the faith of those who are more conservative whenever it suits the sociopolitical ideals you hold dear.

I think Jesus called people who exhibit that kind of behavior "whitewashed tombs," if I'm not mistaken.
Huh? I'd say I am exasperated, pissed off, at odds with, disgusted by and otherwise opposed to the right-wing highjacking of Jesus for cultural gain. But I'm just about as arrogant as you are, Nick.
Besides again: I know for a fact, on the personal testimony of one who is directly involved, that FOTF actually does manipulate information -- "spin," if you will -- to energize its base! It's a very effective, and very secular and worldly, thing to do. FOTF does it very well, and FOTF should be very proud, with ALL that implies.
My point here isn't whether you feel you have cause to criticize Focus on the Family; my point is, the way in which you criticize conservatives is sometimes exactly the way you refuse to be criticized by conservatives: by questioning their Christianity.

You have gone all Yosemite Sam in this very forum, haranguing conservatives who question your faith because they don't think your sociopolitical views line up with Scripture. How, then, can you justify doing the same thing to conservatives?

It's not your opinions that trouble me (at least not in this case : ). It's the way you pontificate about how your view of Jesus is the only reasonable view -- but won't "suffer fools gladly" for saying the same thing to you from a right-leaning perspective.

I don't know what else to call that but hypocrisy. If you're going to give in the manner you give, you got to expect to get a little, too.
Bull, Nick. I have never questioned anyone's Christianity. I regularly question the way right-wing Christians act out their professed relationship with God in the world, be it the political or cultural or economic stage.

Others have doubted my very faith, my profession and my salvation, which really isn't "mine" at all, it being based on nothing less than Jesus's righeousness.

Why? Because they can't FATHOM that a fellow brother washed in the blood, as I was, could think differently than themselves.

THAT''s arrogance, and thats a big diff in my angry, exasperated attacks on people whose Christianity I do not doubt, dude.

And I will never accept that the way to promote the Gospel, not even conservative Christian-based culture, is to get down in the mud witj your opponents. It robs the Holy Spirit o His role in changing people's lives. Minnery is wrong, IMHO, dude.
Huh. And I thought this was about another crappy sitcom on TV.
IMHO? In my haughty opinion?

C'mon, man, you told me, in this very spot, months ago, that you and I don't know the same jesus. You deny that that isn't questioning my faith?

And you comments in this thread, that the "righty-rights" don't care anything about jesus -- you honestly don't believe that's not questioning people's faith?

As you've said many times, you and I aren't really that different. We both think we're right -- that we are walking out our faith as God would have us do it. The difference is, around here, I get bitch-slapped for it, often by you. If it's arrogance for the "righty-rights" to think our view is correct, why is it not arrogance for you to think the same?
Yes, I believe that this is a shameful attempt to create controversy to cash in on it.

I also agree with the reviewer that there's "too much in the soup." I'm all for bizarre, but there comes a point that it's just ludicrous and crossing into the territory of--you guessed it--creating a controversy to cash in on it.

Hence, I will not watch it.

With that being said, I'm sick of all this "edgy and cool" stuff, be it in cinema, TV, music, books, whatever. Stop creating a big deal when none exists just for the sake of creating a big deal! Give us some real art!
Nick, something besides me has your panties in a wad today, apparently.

Yes, I deny it. And yes, I deny it.

Broad swipes at groups of people and their organized professions of political orientation, and their organized (mis)intepretation of Scripture are one thing; personal attakcs on the personal faith of a personal person are another.

I do the former. I try real hard to avoid the latter, although you and I HAVE descended to such mud pits in the past, and we're fixing to again maybe. "Months" ago" is an eternity, so to speak, when it comes to current events and ideas.

I apologize if my "months ago" comment offended you, which it obviously did. Let me rephrase:

If your Jesus is a war-mongering, American-firster-without question, a Republican, a power-hungry religious leader, a damn-the-rest-of-the-world-we-are-always-right jingoist, ready to beat the secular government and multicultural society of this country over the head, rather than invite one person (one soul) at a time into a relationship with God through grace and through Himself, then, welll, I don't know know what Jesus it is that you're talking about.
And wait just a doggone minuet:

Re, 'If it's arrogance for the "righty-rights" to think our view is correct, why is it not arrogance for you to think the same?'

I don't understand the question. I never denied being arrogant. I said, in fact, that I am about as arrogant as you. ???
I read the "I'm just about as arrogant as you are" thing as denial of arrogance, or at the very least a "pot calling the kettle black" thing_ -- which, rhetorically speaking, isn't exactly a contrite acknowledgement of something that's been pointed out to you.

Look, man, my panties aren't in a bundle. I couldn't care less if I concentrated hard for several minutes whether you approve of Christians who take their faith into the political and cultural arena. I've learned to agree to disagree with you about that kind of thing.

I just figured, with all the "correction" you dole out around here to Christians who don't act the way you think Christians should, and all the "teaching" you do about what it really means to follow Jesus, that you might be open to some admonishment in return when your walk isn't lining up with you talk. I'd ask everyone else around here if I'm completely off-base in pointing out that you sometimes use the same tactics in criticizing the right that you deplore being used on you by the right, but given the ideological balance here, I'm pretty sure I know what the response might be.

I mean, with all due respect, this place is the cyber equivalent of Berkeley, for the most part.
Hey Nick, I'm still here. And I think you've got a point.
Hell has frozen over twice in the same month!!

I actually agree with Toper.
Does Hell freezing over contribute to global warming?

Ask Professor B, Russian Violets, Arse Poetica (who hasn't been here in AGES! sniff), and even ol' Drlobojo -- heck, even Dr. ER! -- if this place is "Berkeley."

Yep, I do get me some riled up sometimes. Maybe I was out of line. I'm readin' that Jimmy Carter book. I love Jimmy Carter. He is as appalled at the right-wing takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention and the Republican Party as I am.

I'll try to calm down a bit.

But really. What the heck is fun about that?? :-)
Sorry to get back around to your first question ("Self-described drunkard?") ER, but here's what I'm referencing:

""The human son came eating and drinking, and they say, 'Look, a gluttonous and wine-drinking person,
friend of tax collectors and sinners.'"

-Matthew 11

Okay, so maybe not a self-described drunkard, but one who acknowledged that such was how he was thought of...

Also: In the midst of arguin' with ER about who is and isn't arrogant, Toper said:
"...isn't exactly a contrite acknowledgement of something..."

ER said he was arrogant. Why would an arrogant person be contrite in his confession?

Finally, I'll concede that this show might be totally blasphemous: After all, the priest's son IS a Republican...
Just so Nick, Rem, and Anonymous don't think feel so out-numbered, I'm going to side with them. (Very funny line about Berkeley, Nick! :)

Sorry, ER, but there have been times when I could have sworn you were ranting against the very behavior you were displaying. Good thing I'm not thinner skinned. ;)

That said, I also agree with Brandon about the lack of art. It seems that producers and writers are falling all over each other to see how extreme they can get. It's like they don't remember what worked yesterday. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
Guilty! At times. Guilty! That's why they call it ranting.

The different, though, is that I'm right.

Hoo hoo. Just kidding. Sort of. Obviously both sides feel strongly, as they should! I mean, we ain't talkin' about the Lions Club versus the Rotary Club!!!

Dan, thanks for the added info. And I think yer fittin' in here right smartly.
LOL! :)
So, is this not about some stupid sit-com?
No, apparently it's not.

And, you know what? I let Nick ambush me, here in my own place.

And so, I repeat to all:

"If your Jesus is a war-mongering, American-firster-without question, a Republican, a power-hungry religious leader, a damn-the-rest-of-the-world-we-are-always-right jingoist, ready to beat the secular government and multicultural society of this country over the head, rather than invite one person (one soul) at a time into a relationship with God through grace and through Himself, then, welll, I don't know know what Jesus it is that you're talking about."
Dang, ER, if you didn't just bitch-slap him again!!!
?? I didn't mean it to be. I meant it to stake out my position clearly. After all the going back and forth, I thought I needed to.

My friend Nick -- and he IS my friend, and my brother in Christ, as misguided as I think he is (and as misguided as he thinks I am) -- wants to do likewise, this is his invitation.

Y'all who relish seeing Christians duke it out, take note:

Christians DO duke it out sometimes, often even, but Christians, ultimately, have to find peace with one another -- or the whole thing is just a bad joke.

I will not let the sun go down on my wrath. I love Nick. Tomorrow is another day, with its own issues. :-)
Berkley??? Guys they don't argue Christianity at Berkley....except eight blocks down to the Northwest of the main campus they do have a seminary...but it is the philosophy of religion they argue there...I can gaurantee ya that what goes on here at this site ain't philosophical.

"Christians duke it out..."
Hell Christians have killed more Christians while praying to the same God and singing the same hymns than any non-Christians have over the centuries. We duke it out OK, until the other guy is dead.
OK, ER, but can I pick what we fight about tomorrow?

: )
Y'all crack me up. Fer da record, ER's a little smug sometimes and a little wrong sometimes. And what's funnier is that when he's all fired up and hell-bent on makin' a point, he doesn't recognize his arrogance.

The Berkeley comments made me giggle. My mind's eye visualizes dope-smokin' geniuses sittin' in a circle passin' the pipe pontificatin' about Jesus. "F***, man, it's like, wow, that dude died on the effing cross, man."

Bearded, balding men, all in a circle. Hmmmm.

Is that what you do on your lunch break, ER?

Yeah, I'm a hoot.
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