Saturday, January 07, 2006


Meet Fenway, my step grandpup!

Bird and her Yankee Beau are back from Massachusetts, and they are here showin' off Bird's Christmas present from the Beau: This here Yankee puplet!

Cute as a junebug, ain't he?? For a Yank.

Here. Just so Ice-T doedn't get jealous.

Here are some calves we keep in our livin' room. FIVE Coveted Redneck Points(tm) to anyone who can tell me where this picture was taken. If you've seen the place, you might recognize it from the stuff in the background.


Cadillac Ranch!!
Oh crud, I was so excited that I knew the answer that I hit the button too soon!!!!

It's me! GP!!

Cadillac Ranch, Cadillac Ranch!!!
Good for you G.P.!

I have to admit, that puppy is DANG cute. And I have a bad, bad case of puppy fever. Must. Resist. Puppy. Cuteness!
Very good, GP!

GP wins FIVE Coveted Redneck Points!

(Cadillacs are what you see in the background of that pic of the calves. Buried nose first. In a wheat pasture.)

Now, 2 Coveted Redneck Points to anyone, besides GP, who can tell me WHERE the Cadillac Ranch is.
Texas Panhandle
And if that is not precise enough to win points, it's just a little ways west of Amarillo, having been uprooted and moved to get away from (hahahaha) suburban sprawl. Is that good enough?
2 Coveted Redneck Points for Trixie! :-)
Hrmf. There is naht nealy enough oohing and ahhing ovah me in this cahment thread!
Fenway, all's I can say is those Rednecks better have a good security system in place or I may be sneaking away with a PUPPY!!!!
Aw, come on, ER. Give something some of the rest of us have a chance of knowing! ;)

Now, if you had asked the breed of the calf...
Fenway is awfully cute--for a D-O-G! :)
It's a Polled Herford, isn't it?

Or maybe a mix of some kind...

I know that in Texas, they cross breed amost everthing with Brahmas...
And that is an AWFULLY cute puppy, ER.

They're all cute when they're little, ain't they?
It's either a Hereford or a black baldy (Angus-Hereford cross). Can't tell in black-and-white.
Brilliant choice for a name for a Boston Terrier! What synbolizes Boston better than Fenway park?
I don't know what Cadillac Ranch is.

Cadillac Ranch sounds like it might be a "House of Ill repute". Like the Chicken Ranch.
I think Bird came up with "Fenway" on her own. Very clever.

Read about the Cadillac Ranch here:
It is a comentary on the perversity of man that he breeds his adult dogs to look like puppies. Thus we have Fenways close cousin, the Pit Bull born to kill in a dog pit, with the benign pug face of a baby rather than the pointed nose of the adult canine preditors that God has created. No wonder we are so damned confused by life when we can breed evil to resemble innocence.

Cute puppy however. Great name.
Humanity itself is a commentary on the perversity of man.

I mean, ain't it?
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