Monday, January 16, 2006


Gophers bite Cowboys in butt

NCAA wrestling: No. 2 Minnesota 21, No. 1 Oklahoma State 14.

Ouch! Sad times in Cowboy Country. (Clancy! I'm sure you witnessed the debacle. Not.)

The Golden Gophers (snicker) were giant killers -- 30-dual team record, dashed; 85-dual individual record of Steve Mocco, gone!

Read all about it.


Ah, yes, I'm woefully behind on my college wrestling.
:-) Well, the Gophers truly toppled giants yesterday. :-) ... I just KNEW you'd be there cheering 'em on great hulks of sweaty men. Hee. :-)
Just came back from your Friday posting, can't believe that it is still rolling even today.
Yep. Even with all them cue puppy pux between here and there. Shows the volatility of the topic, I'd say.

Unlike the MLK post, which has been a dud so far -- your own remarks excluded, of course.

It does tear me up to see any conservative with anything good to say about the Rev. Dr. MLK. That's the power of politic necesssity.
Wresting is a hell of a sport....I was a basketball player, and used to jump in on the wrestlers and get my ass handed to me.

It's amazing how hard it is to even stay up for 3 minutes on the mat......I was in good shape, but these guys were animals.

I used to rip them for grappling on the mat with each other (Brokeback Mountain style), but have to admit they were some tough SOB's.

I've been out to see ASU wrestle a few times, and they aren't bad.....

I'm sure you diehards will get sick over this, but I've also been to a few WWF/WWE events.......They are fake as hell, but pretty damn fun.
Hey ER, what's up? I check in, and you are going with a soft topic?? :)
Pero, I have to moderate this joint to keep it from comin' to blows. And to regulate my own blood pressure. :-)
Soft topic? Man, some of these folks ain't never seen a good college wrestling match. That shit ain't soft. Of course, Poison Pero said he did have his ass handed to him a time or two, so he probably knows pretty well.

When I worked in Stillwater, I got to see some dang good wrestling. As a one-year prep wrestler -- we didn't have it at my high school in Texas, so when I moved to Kansas my senior year, I gave it a shot -- I know just how exhausting six minutes on the mat can be. I went from a frumpy, 210-pound offensive lineman on the football team (smallest offensive lineman in Texas to the heaviest guy on the team in Kansas) and cut weight to wrestle at 185 pounds.

It took some doing, but then something clicked. I didn't have the problem maintaining my weight after that, even though we got an extra five pounds after the Christmas break -- back then, the 185-pounders could weigh 190 and still be legal. Welp, I popped onto the scales every day at 175 pounds. Some of our guys were praying to lose an extra half pound or pound by the time we got to a dual, and I was eating steaks on the nights before.

It didn't matter what I injested, I was going to weight in at 175 -- I couldn't get any lower, and the next weight division was 169. So I actually gave my opponents a 15-pound advantage -- and typically years more experience. But what helped me get 10 wins as a neophite was that I was in the best shape of my life and could keep them at bay until the third period, where I'd be able to take advantage of them not being in as good a shape.

So when in Stillwater watchin' the Cowboys grapple much better than I ever could, I'd still sit in my seat and posture myself as if I could. You know what I'm talking about -- leaning this way to counter a move or that way to avoid a move from the opponent, even though I was not anywhere near a mat.

Now a little 'splainer: One week after wrestling season ended, I went on a recruiting trip to the college I eventually signed the letter-of-intent to play football. I weighed in that day at 177, and the coach looked at me, got all serious like and said, "Son, if you don't put on at least 50 pounds by August, there's no way you can play football here."

My weight's been goin' up ever since. :-)
Heck, Poison Pero even ER's soft topics take on a nasty life of their own occasionaly. It has something to do with the wind speed and phase of the moon, but we ain't got it properly conjured just yet.
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