Saturday, January 07, 2006


Cat as cat can

Cat dials 911! Saves hurt owner!

I'm sure Ice-T (shown here high as a kite on New Year's Eve; he relapsed into his street-cat ways) would do the same for me.


I don'r know. After you spread all those unflattering photos of him all over the internet, he might just sit there and laugh at you.

That is one wild lookin' set of eyeballs there, ER.

Still a good lookin' cat, though, no matter what Mark says...
ER, fall out of your wheelchair and see what happens!!! My bet is on the dog accidentally making a short yellow 9-1-1 call.
Shoot, Bailey, the po' white trash weinine dog, would make one call if either myself or Dr. ER were disabled: to a feed store that delivers.
Beautiful cat! Digital cameras always do that to their eyes. Ice Tea is gorgeous. Do I have to talk like a redneck to comment on this blog? :)
I am a Redneck... I just don't talk like one.
Thanks, Gayle! Prrrrr.
Howdy, Gayle!

No redneckese required here. :-)
Try pictures without the flash. The eyes will come out much better.
Digital cameras can capture an image much faster(ie. at lower "shutter"speeds) than a film camera can. So experiment ith your new camera in low light conditions you'll be pleased with waht it can do.
Hmm. I'll have to figure out hoe to disable the flash.
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