Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Bad, good, crazy

Numero uno.

This looks bad. This here looks reeeaaall bad. The Habana Inn is THE gay hangout in OKC. I find it hard to believe that anyone would see the parking lot as a place to "pastor" police officers.

Charged does not mean guilty, however.

Leading Southern Baptist pastor busted for soliciting gay sex. From KOCO-TV. Thanks to Raw Story.

Numero two-o.

This look good. This looks real good. NOT that el presidente, yet again, appears to have broken the law he has pledged to uphold, but because another Dem grows some cajones.

Associated Press

WASHINGTON - The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee told President Bush Wednesday that the White House broke the law by withholding information from the full congressional oversight committees about a new domestic surveillance program.

Read all about it, from The Startle-gram (affectionate nickname for Fort Wotrth Star-Telegram), also thanks to Raw Story.

Numero tres.

Then there's this, and it's plumb crazy:

Someone, in all seriousness, told me today ... OK, suggested strongly ... that I should quit opposing President Bush, and just forget about all the policy disagreements I have with the Republican Party in general, and Bush & Co.'s brand of it specifically, because ...

Because Bush is a Christian! So, the reasoning of this very, very confused person goes, if I am a Christian then I should support Bush.


God forgive me for not taking my Christian conscience to the streets in protest! THAT's what I would do if I had the balls to act on my faith. Gotta work, though. Gotta keep a job.


By their works ye shall know them.
The funny thing -- funny sad, not funny ha-ha -- is the lunatic who suggested that I support Bush because he is a Christian would never dare suggest that anyone supported Bill Clinton, also a Christian, or Jimmy Carter, also a Christian.

Them pesky libs don't deserve the loony right's support, see, not even in the name of Jesus.
I shall pray for your convergence. YOu switchin' to KFOR?

I crack myself up.
Ted, go dog a bull.
ER, onward christian soldier.
Drlobo, get a life.
Are you effing nuts, Doc? I won't even dog a calf, much less an ornery bull.

I will, though, report about it.

And for those non-media types, convergence is what happens when the TV folks and the newspaper folks get together to form a news-gathering alliance, like what News9 and The Oklahoman have done. Benefits go to the TV folks. Rewards go to the TV folks.

Back-breaking work goes to the staffs in the papers' newsrooms.
Funny how so many of the folks who spend all their time obsessing over the evil, evil gays seem to turn out to be gay or bisexual (in behavior, although they would never call themselves that) themselves.

Excsellent point, Frederick.
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