Wednesday, January 18, 2006


An Alabaman in (near) Paris

Some of y'all will remember Pecheur.

After he got done with seminary in Dallas -- I think but am not sure it was Dallas Theological Seminary -- he and his wife headed bck to L.A. (Lower Alabama) for awhile before loadin' up and headin' overseas, to France no less, for some kind of mission deal.

Lawsy, have they have a "fun" time adjustin' to the French and their Frenchian ways! Why don't y'all go by and give 'em a holler and a howdy and a word of encouragement?

Go here. Tell 'em ER sent ya.


Drlobo left Pecheur a good word! He will appreciate it!

Drlobojo did a gudd job. Right smart fella, he is.

Preshate the plug.
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