Tuesday, December 27, 2005


'What are you people, on dope?'

I am officially old. "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" -- THE movie of my senior year of high school (1982) -- has been added to the National Film Registry.

A well-deserved honor!

Totally bitchin' flick, dude -- from the dugout make-out scene to Phoebe Kates' ... ah, upper body. Spicoli. The land yacht. Mr. Hand!

Name THE movie of YOUR senior year.


The Matrix was actually released my junior year, but the video/DVD release came in my senior year. That's when I caught it, and when most of my classmates saw it. I guess that could be THE movie of my senior year.

Don't feel too old. You're in my mom's graduating class and '82 was the year I was born.
Ooof. Ouch. Gah!

Well, yer pretty dang bright-eyed and smart fer a young'un, MLB.

Correction: Its Phoebe Cates, not Kates.
BTW, off subject. It's 70-effing-something degrees in OKC, with half the city dealing with grass fires. WTH????

Please God, more snow and cold, please!
Here..let me help you really feel younger...

I don't know if these were THE movies of my senior year, but they were ones that I enjoyed then and still enjoy now...Star Trek, the movie -- yeah, the first one. And, "The Jerk", one of Steve Martin's best movies.
Don't listen to him, God. You're doing a great job!
Well, except for the grass fires. We probably could do without those...
I'm not sure I should join in on this post. All you children out there may think me an old man. Instead of a movie that came out my graduation year, I chose a movie that was about my graduation year: American Gaffiti. I actually graduate 10 years before the movie came out.

And ER, don't you go and bother God none about the weather, it is just fine, now leave it alone.
So, Drloboijo, was "Hud" your movie?
Were y'all just gonna let me leave that head bust up there??? Well, it's fixed.

("Head bust" = misspelling in a headline)
So you want us to correct all the misspellings on this blog? Hmm...let me just find my red pencil...anything I can do to help. ;)

And, are you sure you have the comma in the right place in your headline?
MLB? Major league baseball?

As they say here in NC, I'm just pickin'.


I'm assuming you were addressing me though, so thank you.
Well, shiite. Yes, I meant MBR. :-)
I'm actually three years younger than ER, but I'd like to say "Fast Times ..." was my era. So was "The Jerk": "He hates these cans. Stay away from the cans."

"This dog's a lifesaver. That's what I'll call him. Lifesaver."

"That dog is shithead."

"OK. C'mon Shithead."

"I promise to send more money next time, as I should have more work. My friend, Patty, promised me a blow job."

Ah, but I digress. "Vision Quest" came out in 1985. Madonna was new. "Darling Nicky" was sung in the car as we cruised town but never came on the radio.

I watched "Night Tracks" on WTBS on a 10-inch black-and-white TV until my brother got a new, 19-inch, color Sony with a remote control. We were in high heaven -- I lived apart from my parents my senior year and with my brother, 10 years my elder.

Back to "Fast Times ...":

"Mr. Spicoli, what in the hell do you think you are doing?"
"Learning about Cuba and having a little food."

"(knock, knock, knock) Did you hear that? That's my skull. I'm so wasted."

"I hope you had a hell of a piss, Arnold."

"You aren't in my class."
"I am today."

Plenty of others from my teenage years. Can you identify the movies:

1. "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

2. "I was born a poor black child."

3. "I'm not going to wreck this, eh. It's a beer truck."

4. "To really hock a loogie, it must come from one's soul."

5. "Hollyrood! Hollyrood!"
1 is Animal House.

2 is The Jerk.

3 is that dang Canadian beer movie I never saw.

4 ??

5 ??
What you kids didn't experience is the fact that a movie came out and stayed out a year or two on the movie circuit. My home town had 1500 people and a theater that played 3 movies a week. The most recent release were played on Friday and Saturdays, close Sunday. Secondary releases on Monday and Tuesday, and pure garbage on Wednesday and Thursday.
Now for a town this size a recent release would be a year old at least. So for a real recent movie, as in within that month, we had to wander down into a North Texas city of some size. So when a movie was released and when I finally saw it were independent occurances.
Hud for example I did not see until it was a free movie at my college in 1965.
After much thought, here are the movies I actually saw my senior year of H.S..

1. Lawrence of Arabia
2. Children of the Damned
3. Cleopatra
4. Lord of the Flies
5. Mondo Cane
6. How the West was Won (In Full Cinerama)
7. Dr. No
8. Hatari
9. Phaedra
10. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

And for all of these I can tell you who I went with, where we ate, and in six cases why they never dated me again.

Oh yes, one last favorite: White Slave Ship (That was a Thursday night one).
Thank you, drlobojo! At least there is SOMEONE here older than I am!
Teditor's #4 should read: "To truly hock a loogie, one must not retrieve the phlegm from
the throat, but from the soul."

I was going to say "The Last Picture Show" because I saw it my senior year. However, it was a 1971 release so I must have seen it in my junior year.

These are the top films of 1973:
The Exorcist
The Sting
Day of the Jackal

Now see, they knew how to make movies when I was young.

(If you doubt that, compare Cybil Shepherd's young ta-tas to any from your films.)
Yes, Trixie, they obviously knew how to make movies back when I was 5 years old, but I was too young to see "The Exorcist."

Dr. Lobojo, I bow to your supremecy when referring to "Revenge of the Nerds II".

The answers:

1. "Animal House"
2. "The Jerk"
3. "Strange Brew"
4. "Revenge of the Nerds II, (something about) Paradise)
5. "1941"
BTW, they don't have to be Cybill's. I like ALL young ta-tas, save Demi Moore. Her enhancement was well ... well ... enhanced. :-)
Ah, but the thing about young Cybil's ta-tas is this:

They emerged, as it were, with the bravado, as it were, of Phoebe Cates's some 25 years later, as they were -- but in a black-and-white film that created it's own environment that said, "Yes, she is bearing these nubile breastes right here and right now whether your parents, or your congressman, or your church, likes it or not."

Cybil's titties, in other words, beat all others, hands down, so to speak, for cinematic and cultural context alone!

Thank you, Trixie, for fueling my on-and-off-again obsession with Cybil!

(I drove by close enough to holler at her when they were filming "Texasville" [critically unacclaimed sequel to "The Last Picture Show"] in Archer City, Texas, in, what[?], 1990.)
Oh, Drlobojo, my favorite "bad garbage" movie, from my high school days, is "Tool Box Murders," which I saw at a drive-in theater in 1980 or '81. Not a date movie.
Let's see, in 1979 I'd say it was "Alien." A gooey movie if ever there was one. :P
The year I graduated high School:

Easy Rider

Alice's Restaurant

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

True Grit

The Wild Bunch

Midnight Cowboy

Ann of the Thousand Days ( I took a date to this movie at the drive-in and I never saw the movie)
Bad Movies of my youth......
In that I have never actually grown up that extends over a very long period of time........
#1 Manos: The Hands of Fate (long long long driving in the car sequences here....)
#2 The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (very red)
#3 The Killer Shrews ( the shrews were dogs covered in carpet with plastic fangs)
#4 Planet Nine From Outer Space (Ed what's his name movie)
#5 Viking Women Versus the Sea Serpent ( a Rodger Corman low low budget flick, with a canoe and push up bras)

At least 3 of these have appeared within the past few years on the MST. Thanks to my shiftless children I have seen a lot of the Comedy Channel and MST.
Movies of my youth ...

1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
2. The Jungle Book
3. Bad News Bears
As usual this blog got me off on looking for something, in this case an old movie staring Clark Gable and Wallace Beery, call Hell Divers, with 1932 planes and ships and derringables, and that led me to a mention of wolfman Lon Cheney Jr. which led me to this interesting trivia item for ER.
Lon Cheney once worked and live and married in OKC.
1. Where was Lon Cheney Jr. born in OKC.
2. Where did Mrs. Lon Cheney die in Oklahoma?
HA! Plan 9 From Outer Space! Cult classic! I have that one on DVD! That one is so bad it's a hit.

By the way, boobs were seen in movies long before Cybil bared them in "The Last Picture Show" I remember a scene in a movie from the 30's that showed some actress's nipple. but I don't remember who, or the movie. It was a Biblical era epic.
That is Chaney not Cheney.
The original King Kong had a bare "ta" in the sea resuce at the beginning of the movie, and Jean Harlow's ta ta's were all over the place for years. That was the major reason that the Hayes office was created.
When TV first came out in Oklahoma they played all those old 1930s talkies over and over to fill up time. Lots of interesting things in them.

And for those wondering, yes, I am pre-atomic.
Star Wars (yes, the original), Annie Hall, The Goodbye Girl, Saturday Night Fever, Close Encounters of the Third Kind--I am officially older than ER. I also have fond memories of Animal House and Foul Play, which were released the year after I graduated.
Tyanks for playing, skywind, and all y'all!

Other memorable flicks: "Southern Comfort." The first three or four "Friday the 13th"s. "First Blood." Oh, and one of my all-time favorites: "Red Dawn."

Drlobo, ya got me on the Lon Chaney Jr. trivia. Back then, he must've been born in St. Anthony? Or, the original Mercy?
His birthplace was not a hospital. Big clue: there is now a Wal-Mart Super Center in the vicinity, adjacent to a mid-city interstate. His birth was rather eventful and involved being dunked in a cold lake (which no longer exists, another clue.)

I'm not sure which Mrs. Chaney he's referring to. Both Sr. and Jr. had two wives, for a total of four.
Lonnie, as we called him, must've been born in a field that would now be home to the Sam's Club on North Penn.

Sheesh! How would normal people know that? Spill it, Trix.
sadly, i think mine is "silence of the lambs"

scary stuff, yo.

Welcome anyway, C!
When I was 15 I would visit my cousin and we used to drive over to Belle Isle Lake from Bethany, park in the Cemetary on the North shore, and howl at the moon, like werewolves in honor of Lon Chaney Jr.

Trixie's right on the money. Lon Jr., which was just his stage name, was born in a shack on an Island as part of Belle Isle Park in Belle Isle Lake at the end of the Trolley line in Oklahoma City, in 1906. His moma was a singer downtown and daddy was working the side shows at the park. He wouldn't breath when first born so Lon Sr. took him out to the cold lake and dipped him in it and he started squalling.
Lon Jr.s mother was not mentally solid and drank a bottle of lye after they had moved out to Los Angeles. She was sent home to her parents in Oklahoma City and was finally comitted to the State Mental Hospital in Norman where she died.

I've often thought someone needed to start a practice of meeting in that Walmart Parking lot and baying at the moon on his birthday.
Trixie you're a plenty smart flybaby.
Why thank you much, Drlobojo.
I've lived in OKC since, er, let's see... 1977-78ish. I've learned a lot about the legends of this burg in that time. And I've got a mind like a steel trap -- bloody and rusty.
And drlobojo, there's not a lot of folks who know what a flybaby is or that I am one. You must pay a lot of attention to the little details! (No, that is NOT a maggot...)
Details, yes, and patterns, and systems, and networks of thinking.
Secrets are an archaic concept in this new century. Data are the new Rhetoric, and I once worked at NSA.
I here by declare the First Annual Wolfman Memorial Birthday Howl to be held between 9 p.m. and Midnight, February 10th 2006 on the 100th birthday of Creighton Tull Chaney a.k.a. Lon Chaney Jr. and The Wolfman.

Wolfman and Gypsy costumes are required. Nothing will be provide, no fires allowed, and be prepared to be arrested for trespassing.

Howling will commence sharply at midnight.

Send this notice to all and any kindered spirits.
The Howl will occur in the Belle Isle Walmart Parking lot.
Oh you issue an invitation like that? I AM SO THERE! Good thing that WalMart is open 24 hours -- if things go awry I can pretend I was only there to shop! LOL!

Can we all go see Rocky Horror Picture Show too? And Let's Do the Time Warp Again!
Hoo boy. I would have to start drinkin' by about 8 p.m. to be in the mood to howl by 9. ... Or 10 p.m. to hit stride at midnight! Somebody has to drive me home!
You sissy boy.

Talk all ya want, but I reckon you'd find that comfy bed to be the key to your evening adventures that night. Sheesh!
Man, you really don't know me very well. One of the neat secrets about my life is how much I enjoy being outside, away from my house, deep into the night. I love to go exploring when most people are afraid to be outside. Even in foreign countries!
Maybe I'll get a second wind in my late 40s, but these days, nothing sound any more inviting to me at 10 p.m. than to be in bed with a -- BOOK!. :-)
10? P.M.????? Oh man. That's just when I'm hitting my stride most nights. Usually I don't even think of dragging my bones to bed until oh, 1:30 a.m. or so. And with age I've been waking up by 7-ish. Seems like I always cheat myself out of the last 15 minutes before the alarm goes off. It makes me so @#*@)! mad!! Although I did kinda pass out after my day trip to Enid today. That's what driving (combined with being up at 6 a.m.) will do.
Just think baseball is the knockers game
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