Monday, December 12, 2005


Thar she blows!!!!

Whoa! The oil patch is spittin' back??


By The Associated Press

KINGFISHER, Okla. - State and local officials are puzzled by geysers that have erupted in recent days in Kingfisher County, spewing mud and gas into the air.

The geysers have appeared throughout the countryside of rural Kingfisher, with stretches of up to 12 miles between spots and some as short as a quarter of a mile, said fire Chief John Crawford.

The threat of the gas igniting is "unlikely" Crawford said, but a bigger concern is that the gas could begin coming up through water-well lines.

"The gas may be part of an aquifer," he said. "We've checked well sites and pipelines. All things are normal."

Crawford said sheriff's deputies were dispatched to inform residents of the possibility of the gas coming through wells and water systems. Crawford said he did not foresee any reason to evacuate the area.

Holy moly! Alert ONG -- maybe this can help lower our winter heating bills!
Oil fields are generally found along old gelogic plate boundaries where one plate collides or subducts underneath another.
Kingfisher as well as Oklahoma City sits on the Garber Welling boundary, therefore there is oil here as well as seismic activity such as earth quakes. I think several years ago Kingfisher was also the site of several large slabs of rock being thrust up out in the middle of someones field.
OKC will have a bad earth quake some day, next year or ten thousand years from now, but some day.
Is old Jed a millionaire?
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