Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Redneck truck surfing

This is beyond even my own youthful redneck tendencies:

Redneck truck surfing!

The closest I can recall coming to it was ridin' the hood of a same-age nephew's friend's car, with two other guys, down a former U.S. highway turned city street in my home town. This would have been in 1978 or '79.

Everything was fine until the driver turned fast into the parking lot of an Assembly of God Church and sent us flyin' onto the cement. I spoke in tongues, all right.

Landed precisely on the outside of my right thumb joint and my left hip bone, before sprawling and rolling like a bale of hay lost from a flatbed truck at a similar speed.


Nice truck he just ruint.
Now here is an argument for re-instating the Draft if there ever was one. We need to clean the gene pool again.
Teditor, 5 to 1 it was not his truck, and 10 to 1 it wasn't insured, and 50 to 1 they didn't call the cops.
LOL! Anonymous, that's something I can agree with you about!
The love of my life just saw the video. Only words out of her mouth?

"Oh, shit!"
How could somethin' so ugly come out of suc a purdy mouth? You ever wonder that, Panhandle loverboy? :-)
Actually, ER, a lot worse comes outta my purdy mouth, but she loves me anyway.

Oh, wait! That's supposed to be her mouth. Yeah, she can cuss like a sailor, but she's absolutely wonderful.

'Sides, shit comes outta the other end.
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