Friday, December 30, 2005


On Yankee dogs and awesome possums

Saturday, Dr. ER and I will head to my ol' stompin' grounds in eastern Oklahoma for the weekend, while Bird flies off to Massachusetts to meet her Yankee boyfriend's parental units and stay the week -- and swing back through here with a dadgum YANKEE DOG, as a gift from the Yankee beau!

A danggum Boston Terrier!

A Mississippi Leg Hound woulda been more fittin' for a redheaded redneck stepchile.

If we think we can actually stay up that late, Dr. ER and I plan to usher in the new year at this here establishment of chance, although I will spend some time across the highway at a beer joint listenin' to the Awesome Possum Band, a genyoowine outlaw band fronted by one of my best friend's nephew.

However, I have alerted the eastern Okie fam that I reserve the right to spend Saturday sittin' in a lawn chair in my front yard with a garden hose if it looks like these get close to the house!

So, what're y'allses' plans for New Year's Eve?


Hmmm, I didn't they allowed dogs at college. Does that mean po' Bailey will be outclassed by yet another critter?? ;)

Have a nice New Year's. We don't have any plans. Just might watch DVDs in front of the fire and call it good!

Good luck with those fires. We had round of those here. :(
Let's see now, having read your posted sources, let me get this straight. You will have a house guest dog, that was originally bred for pit dog fighting and/or rat fighting, but are sweet and gentle less than a hundred years latter. They can't go outside in the heat or cold, will need a sweater in the winter, are highly territorial, drools, snores, is hard to potty train, and wants to cuddle in you lap all the time, and if by chance this animal is too inbred, which is a problem with the breed, then it will be a retard.
Yes, I think I have it all now.
A typical Yankee dog.
OK, let me get this straight. Oh, wait, somebody else did that already.

You plannin' on wearin' overhauls without a shirt, wearin' a bent straw hat and tuggin' on a corn-cob pipe with all the other eastern Oklahoma Arkansans? That is whatch'all call y'allselves, ain't it?

Ah, my mind's eye is working OT right now. ER amongst his folk.


It really does sound like a lot of fun.
The Yankee dog will be a just-passin'-through guest here! Not overnight!

Teditor, I might well break out my dress overalls for the occasion!
Dress overalls, those would be the ones with the knees still in them?
So, we are all fixin' to go to dinner at this frou-frou fancy-ass restaurant, Nona's, in Bricktown. I'll HAV to shake a leg in a honkytonk tomorrow night to get my dang R back!
What's black and white and goes Back, Back, back?

A Boston Terrier.
Nonna'a (correct spelling) is the finest fancy-eatin' joint in Oklahoma City.

Not cheap. But great food and atmosphere! Valet parking!

You won't know you're in Oklahoma City (except for the one guy among a party of eight in the main dining room wearin' his dang gimme cap at the table! An ou cap, of course). :-)
So you ate at Grandma's last night.
Was the food worth it?
I will be going home from work (working on New Year's Eve, damn) and playing Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3 on X-Box with my little brother, having New Year's Dinner (my mom works tomorrow, so we have NY Dinner tonight), occupy my time with something until midnight, then pretend to get drunk off of non-alcoholic wine.

Dry family. Sucks.

Well, Happy New Year's ER. And while I'm sure you have many friends out there, if my some chance (God forbid) the grass fires threaten your home you got a place to stay in Goldsboro. Look me up if you're ever around here, emergency or not.
That's awful nice of ya, MBR.

Anon, For $32, I got three -- THREE scallops. One au gratin, one casino and one blackened. Three.

Cracked me up. Oh, they came with two little carrots, three or four asparagus and some mashed taters. But three scallops.

The thing is, tho, they were extremely flavorful, and the next time I want to taste something good and still have room for dessert, and don't mind spending $50-something dollars (dessert and two glasses of wine and coffee), I'll do it again.

Nonna's is definitely a special occasion kind of place.

To all y'all: Fixing to hit the road. Happy new year!
Be safe, my friend, and take a tug off that pipe for me.
Hope you have a wonderful New Year, ER! Thanks for all the laughs and provocations!
Boston terriers are about the ugliest dogs in the universe. As a Chicagoan, I consider it a slur upon Yankees, albeit technically correct, to call them "Yankee dogs." I don't often make it over here, although I see you commenting at Bitch, Ph.D. all the time. I like your crawl at the bottom of the screen. Cute -- I haven't seen that feature before. Have a Happy New Year!

I just hope that little terrier has enough sense to leave his highfalutin ways and roman numeral back east.

Tonight i'll have a few toasts to bring in 2006 right. i hope that you guys will be doing the same (minus a hose).
Happy New Year!
p.s. i will be completing my meme tomorrow and posting. my first project of the new year!
Now, Dear Redneck, I'm glad to see your out gettin' some cultuah, and Nonna's is sure a dang fine eatery, but if you really want to be outclassed there in your fine little town, you get your own badself over to The Coach House, which is literally, the finest restaurant in the state.

That said, I had friends over for dinner last night and we had all kinds of southern food -- grits, ham, greens, cornbread and black-eye'd peas planned for tomorrow.

(Post on dinner is over at
I'm doing laundry! Woo hoo! And soaking my black-eyed peas for tomorrow! Woo hoo! and various other domestic duties! Woo hoo!
We ain't doin' nuthin' tonight. 'Matter of fact, I hope to be in bed in the next half hour. Too much family the past few days. I'm plum wore out.

By the way, I hope that dawg's eyeballs don't bug out. This ol' boy I grew up with had several Boston Terriers throughout the years. One of 'em's eyes kept poppin' out. The vet eventually just took one of the eyes out and sowed the socket shut. I've killed, gutted, and cleaned many an animal - but seeing a little dog run around with its eye hanging out was more than a little disconcerting.
Hey, ER.

Thought I'd check in...

The wife and I are sitting by a little bonfire in the back yard across from the pole barn, sippin' on an adult beverage, listenin' to George and Conway and Hank Jr and The Man In Black on the Outlaw Country station on the Satellite Radio. (Is that high-tech Redneck enuff for ya?)

Hope you and all of yours are havin' as good a time as we are...

I'll be back to spar and jab next year.

Tonight, I just want to celebrate the fact that we've all made through this one...

As I was siting here reading this, I just heard someone down the street unload a clip on semi-automatic. Now there is some automatic fire in the distance.
(and no it is not fireworks)
You would think I was in Bagdad or back in Nam, but no it is New Years in the middle of Oklahoma City. Who says the wild west has been tamed? May the new year of 2006 bring you all satified minds and peace at heart.
Happy New Year, ER!
Just wanted to you a very Happy New Year, too, my friend.
One thing I don't miss about living in Kansas City. The automatic weapons fire at night. In KC, they didn't confine that activity to just on holidays. It was nearly every night. Of course, it was much worse on New Years day. My family would literally "go to the mattresses" on New Years. Stay away from the windows.

Years before,in Wichita, I remember a pregnant woman was kiled by an errant bullet fired in celebration of the New Year. Why these idiots don't understand the concept of "what goes up must come dowm" is beyond me.
Welp, leave it to Mark to disrupt a fun topic. I suggest never returnin' to K.C., Mark. :-)

I'll try to get there at least eight times next year. Sure did miss bein' at more Chiefs games this year.

My wish to each of ya is a truly happy new year and that you enjoy the world of blogging in whatever capacity you see fit. Hopefully none of us take it too personal and enjoy the debates, discussions and rabble-rousing that's been associated this past year.

May God continue to bless us all.

Fredrick, welcome. Come back anytime.

Still Life, :-)

Trixie, :-(

Braingirl, I forgot all about The Coach House. Fine dinin' indeed. Nonna's, in Bricktown, competes.

Rem, you been missed, bud.

Crystal, ;-)

Tug, sounds like a fine time. Keep that dang bonfire AWAY from here, tho!

All, How in THE hell did it get to be 2006?!?
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