Monday, December 12, 2005


Not the pretty kind of geysers

Muddy water from Dead Indian Creek spews several feet in the air from a gaping hole where gas broke through the surface on a rural road outside Kingfisher. (Staff Photo by ANDY CARPENEAN, Enid News)

Oh boy. You just can't BUY press like this!

Not only is natural gas and oil field saline and God know WHAT else apparently just spurting out of the dang ground in northwest Oklahoma -- but it's doing so hard by one of our most embarrassing place names:

Dead Indian Creek.


Read more from the Enid News.


Embarrassing place name? Dead Indian Creek? You're more liberal than I gave you credit for.
I'm not sure good taste is a matter of being liberal or conservative.

I'm not sayinbg it should be changed either, necessarily. I'm pretty sure it was named after Custer massacred a whole damn village of Cheyenne back in 1868.

Maybe they should change it to really reflect history, though:

Custer's Massacre of Helpless Women and Innocent Children Creek.
rem 870
"Embarrassing place name? Dead Indian Creek? You're more liberal than I gave you credit for."

ER Liberal? or a man with sensibility? Maybe he is a Historian who knows what and why and does not feel comfortable about it.

Yes Dead Indian Creek runs into the Washita River right at the Battle of the Washita site were Custer attacked the sleeping village of Black Kettle while they were under the protection of the Indian Agency in the area. Black Kettle was the Cheyenne Peace Chief that was also attacked and had his people murdered at Sand Creek by a Religious Zealot named the Reverand John Chivington a Col. in the Colorado Volunteer Militia. Black Kettle lived through the Sand Creek Massacre, but was killed at the Washita.
Custer was doing his work for General Sherman, both were somewhat off center after the bloody American Civil War. Sherman was asked once when he was Commander of Fort Sill, Oklahoma, how he could tell if an Indian was a good Indian, his reply was, "I kill them all and let God Sort them out". (Sound familiar?) General Sheridan, Shermans subordinate at Fort Sill reduced that motto down to the simple, "The only good Indian is a dead Indian." (ripples of history)
Dead Indian Creek: maybe the Great Mystery has something in store for this bloody ground. Ever wonder how Yellowstone looked when it first started out? No one alive has ever seen the pre-cursors for a caldera.

Walkingcrow, are you still out there? What do you think?
Still here.
I think they are troubled spirits coming up from the under world. Perhaps I will dance the ghost dance this summer.
Sure being leberal is a lack of good taste.

Oh, dear Lord, I've morphed into Mark. :-)

Revertin' back to the previous post referrin' to the theme song from Beverly Hillbillies, Ellie Mae was hot.
How much Indian do you have to be to jump the land wave the Ghost Dance causes? I have got two Cherokee and one Shawnee relative a few generations back. Think that is enough?
Hell the county I live in has a nigger creek still on the topo map.
It is not your blood but your spirit that allows the wave to pass over you. You do not jump it.
It is your faith in who you are that allows you to pass on into the new cleansed world. Many Casino and Apple Indians will be pulled under even if their blood level is pure.
My uncle believes in the Rapture of the white man. Our Indian 'rapture' is just opposite of yours. The good guys stay and the bad guys are rolled into the under world.
Walking crow said:
"I think they are troubled spirits coming up from the under world. Perhaps I will dance the ghost dance this summer."

OK, now I am spooked. Looking at pictures of the "eruption" holes They do look like something from the Sci-fi world more than from this one. I thought the mention of a caldera was far out...but..

Ellie Mae hold me closer.
It's funny (not funny ha-ha) how we're supposed to feel bad about atrocities committed by whites towards reds, but atrocities committed in the other direction are stricken from text books and seldom eulogized at all.
Rem 870, don't know about text books, don't think many textbooks have much about anything in them anyhow, however you must be watching different western movies than I have over the years.
Dr Lobojo, When was the last western like that made? Sometime in the '80s maybe? It's too politicaly incorrect to make a film like that now.
Rem, here's the way I see it.

If I show up at your house with some of my friends, let myself if, and then either rob you7 baldly or cheat you out of house and home, and you get tired of it, go into your gun safe and come into the front room and shoot me and my friends dead, that's not a damn atrocity. That's self defense.

American history vis-a-vis Indians: Same thing.

Walking Crow, I've thought for qyite awhile what word best describes my attitude toward native affairs.

Like almost everyone else from eastern Oklahoma, I'm supposed to have a little Indian in me. 1/64, I think. But, no CDIB card.

I am not a Windian (white acting or wannabe Indian).

I have settled on: Friendian.

Tribes should have tremendous leeway under the law. Howevetr, as any good friend would do, I'm not afraid to holler "bridge out ahead" if I see my friend fixing to go over a ravine.

I believe one thing:

Both "progressives" and tradititionalists in 19th-century Indian Territory, if alive today, would be ashamed and appalled at the advent of the tribal casino -- and bar, which most of the casinos here will probably have eventually.
Rem 870,it is time Hollywood got back to that genre. The movie of the 90's that contained an Indian atrocity towards Whites was "Last of the Mohicans", but technically I guess that was an "Eastern".
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