Saturday, December 24, 2005


Merry Christmas Eve, y'all!

Dr. ER had me open a present last night, and it was a digital camera, just for blogging purposes. Blogger is being a Grinch, of course, and will only let me put one pic up. Lucky this was the first one I tried. :-) We are GTT today -- Gone to Texas, to see Dr. ER's folks, and Bird. See y'all on the flip-flop.


I'm thinking of calling myself a Jesusian. What think y'all of that?
Oh shit now we will have more cat pictures.
Nice collection of barb wire.

Sometimes when blogger doesn't let you load pictires, if you change the location or the size, it will take it. By location I mean left, center, or right.
The following Christams Greeting is rate Parental Guidance.
Do not play with you volume turned too high or arround sensitive people.

PS: merry christmas
Merry Christmas to you and Dr. ER and Ice T, too! And your readers and commenters!
Merry Christmas to you and your family (furries included). Hope your trip tp Texas went smoothly.
Merry Christmas, my friend!
Merry Merry!
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