Thursday, December 22, 2005


Meowy Christmas!

Yo, 'sup, y'all people!

Me and some of my friends have some albums out, including some Christmas stuff.

Check out our version of "Angels We Have Heard on High."

It's a scream, I tell ya. A late-night, sittin' on a fence post, howlin' scream!


Are you going to refund my 99 cents?
Ehhh! "A fool and his money ..." Ehhh!

Hey, ER bought some pipe tobacco the other night. He cut his usual snickerdoodle with one-fourth white burley. Is it still a threat to his R?

And he got something got a Gaelic blend, which has a little peat "whang" to it? Is that manly enough for my Sweet Baboo -- ahem, harumph, I mean, for my chief of staff, ER?

(ER is out on the front porch [such as it is, tiny thing where I used to sleep on a potholder], smokin' and is fixing to go find a steak supper somewhere with Dr. ER, when she gets home.)
Where I was raised, pipe tobacco, or cigarette tobacco ment straight Pince Albert in a can.

I-T, been needing some dried cat gut for a project I'm doing. Tried using dried squirrel gut but it wasn't flexable or strong enough. Been looking for some feline road kill to fullfill my need but given your recent sass I might just wander up to ER's house while their gone out tonight and get me some fresh gut to use.
Bring it on, Drlobo. You will draw back a bloody stump.
ER, would you PLEASE do something with that effing cat? Fix it. Pull out its teeth. Cut off a leg.

Do something to keep him off your computer. This crap's annoying.


Bloody stump. I giggled at that.

Merry Christmas, y'all
I'll have y'all know that I am ER's research assistant. I am on the computer about as much as he is!
Don't listen to the bitching. I love the kitty posts.
I am exchanging e-mails with a dang cat. This indeed is a sad time of life for me....a cat for ch... sake....bloody stump...I know where you live cat.....
B, all the chicks dig me. Purr-purr. ;-)
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