Sunday, December 11, 2005


Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, John, Paul, George, Ringo, Red, Redd, George, Norman, Conway, Loretta, Merle, Robin, Steve, Billy, Cheech,Chong and Richard

Some of my earliest influences.

God rest Richard Pryor's tortured soul.


I have lots of memories of Richard Pryor. If Pryor was great it was because he too stood on the shoulders of other geniuses black and white, just as some today stand on his shoulders.
If I could pick one Richard Pryor moment it would be a scene in an otherwise not so great a movie, "Which Way is Up?". Richard Pryor the Black sub-executive, formerly a fruit picker, is invited into the Big Boss's office and at the end of the visit is offered, in front of the other excutives, the left-overs of a lunch that the Boss has just finished. Pathos, comedy and tradgedy all in less than a second. That was genius.
I know, so sad. I loved Pryor. I remember my mom going around the house quoting bits of his routines when I was a kid.

And now you know part of why I am the way I am ;)
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