Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Dissent is patriotic

The upside-down American flag is a sign of distress. The president thinks he is above the law. He has chosen to ignore even the very minimal requirements imposed by an already secret court in the Justice Department. He has declared the honorable actions of a free press -- acting to bring light to darkness that threatens liberty in the name of security -- as "shameful."

Forget politics. I will accept minority status for the Democratic Party for a generation if necessary. I reject that the Dems are to blame for the sunsetting of the so-called Patriot Act. The president's arrogance and stubbornness are to blame; the Dems wanted to continue the law as is for a short while, to then revisit again after the first of the year, which is reasonable; King George would hear nothing of it.

This is beyond outrageous. It's the stuff revolutions used to be made of. Nowadays, I will settle for the shutdown of the Senate, or a walk-out.

Texas Democratic senators fled to Oklahoma to shut down the Statehouse, but also partly to bring wider attention to U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay's highjacking of the state process of apportionment and manipulative robbery of minority representation in that state.

U.S. Senators of both parties who cherish the rule of law above expediency, the balance of powers over a presidency out of control, and the legitimate role of the judiciary and legislative process -- even in time of "war" -- should go to Puerto Rico, outside the United States but a territory OF the United States, to take a stand and make the same point.

And U.S. Rep. John Lewis should file his bill of impeachment.


The President says the Press has behave shamefully? Yes they did, they waited a full year to disclose his crime.

Shame is a social condition and a form of social control consisting of an emotional state and a set of behaviors, caused by the awareness of having acted inappropriately.

Shame for this President is something someone else does. He is beyond shame or even its lesser cousin embarassment. When he stumbles across and shame he immediately sends it off to live somewhere else, like the Democrats, or Congress, or the Press, or Cindy Sheehan....

You can never say, "Shame on you Mr. President." There is no hook on his soul onto which you can hang shame. He will never know it.
George is the Great Demeaner, and that is his legacy.
your wish has been granted. I won't trouble you any more.
Pastor Timothy said...
your wish has been granted. I won't trouble you any more.

2:55 PM

Not my wish. You left me no real choice, with your intolerance for views other than your own, and your damn garden-variety meanness, masquerading as concern for others.
I am surprised at how few comments have been posted to this. Maybe there aren't many Bush supporters who can back him up now.
Wishful thinking. I am no longer encouraging these damn sheep, who would rather defend this president than theor own liberty, by going to their sites and engaging them on their bullshit.

Sometimes, all you can di is step over the shit, and that's what I'm doing.
Check out of a couple of 'other' sites myself ER and left a few words of wisdom, or pontification depending on your tolerance for my ideas. There will always be a "brown shirt" element in every population, how they found there way to your blog is somewhat of a mystery, except maybe they mistook the concept of "redneck" for "proto-facist" which suited their fancy. Or it might have been the nostalgic confederate bent that surfaces now and again, or the fact that until recently you gave the president an honorable benifit of the doubt. I think future post from this sector will more likely be like grenades thrown than anything else.
You must have been responsible for the four or five deleted remarks I ran into Pastor Tim's page.
What are you and Dr. Lobojo talking about? Have you deleted something that I missed?
Pastor Timothy, on his blog, attacked me so visciously it ended our friendship (I knew him in Texas years ago). That he deleted it all, to me shows that he realized that he was being anything but "pastor-like." He showed his ass bigtime, in other words. It was as close to unforgiveable as I can imagine. "Pastor" Tim cannot tolerate dissent, and he basically condemned me to hell for disagreeeing with him -- not with a straight face, but with a reddened, full-of-himself rantish face. He is a blowhard -- and think about who is saying that ... I KNOW I can be a blowhard! -- and the fact is, for all his knowledge of the Bible, it all hits him about 18 inches two high, as one of my preachers used to say: In the head, not in the heart. He is a legalist, a Bibleian and a churchian, none of which is necessarily Christian. Unlike him, I will not doubt his salvation, because God is not only bigger than all my sins, but He is bigger than my understanding. But Tim wouldn't know grace is if bit him in the butt. You should have seen what he wrote! I wish I had copied it, but I didn't realize he was THAT much of a chickenshit, to delete it all. His link is gone from myplace, and I insisted that he delete mine from his place.
Oh. My. This IS a sad day.
Well, I hope that isn't really 'the end'. It seems like you and Mark's 'friendship' has ended several times in the past, but he keeps coming back around. Hopefully Tim will do the same.
Very sad.
ER, Timothy repsected your wishes enough to leave you in peace, not pieces. I ask you now to do the same. He deleted your comments and his as well out of respect to your former "friendship." He is not taking you apart and cussing you. I ask you now to do the same.
Your taking him apart, especially in light of the fact that you know that even his site is now gone, is deplorable. If any respect for me exists in you, please refrain from continuing to slander and hurt Timothy in your revenge. If you two have anything else to say to each other, there is email. I encourage reconcilaition. You both have said hurtful things to each other.
So until that day, I ask you to please stop degrading Timothy.
Whoa! I just noticed you went so far as to remove him from your Blogroll. I guess it really was bad.
Dissent is patriotic. Announcing to the world, and especially to terrorists, that we can't win this war, and announcing to the world that our soldiers are terrorists in the tradition of Nazi's. Pol Pot, and Soviet Gulags, is, if not treason, certainly anti-American.

It does nothing to encourage the effort to eradicate terrorism and only serves to embolden the enemy and demoralize the troops.

But I will say this, in defense of the Democratic leadership. I have decided that I don't really think Dean, Kerry, Durbin, and company want to aid and comfort the enemy, but in their efforts to wrest the control of the House and Senate away from the Republicans, they are.

They are so intent in winning elections that they are endangering the country. Perhaps they don't even notice they are doing that. I have seem arrogance like that on both sides of the ailse.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sorry about the deletion. The page wasn't loading fast enough so i hit "publish" again and repeated myself. It wasn't a mean spirited comment that I felt sorry for and took back...:)
And I am not trying to be mean spirited on my comment. I am trying to be understanding of what I see is very malevolent statements coming from some Democratic leaders. Not trying to offend.
And I don't own any brown shirts. Why must Liberals always accuse Conservatives of being Nazi's?

1. This does not involve you.

2. Unless you read the hateful things Tim said to me, before he deleted them, then you have no idea how hateful they really were.

3. I mentioned it above because I was asked to explain it. I did not "take him apart."

4. This is all I have to say about it.
I guess this is as good a time as any to remind all and sundry that George W. Bush told even more lies on Monday morning.

That, or he really does not have a damn clue what the NSA is doing in his name.



Or puppet?

I just can't decide.

Mark, have you made a decision? I mean, the evidence that one or the other is true -- he's a liar or he's clueless -- is getting embarrassing.

His own party is on the verge of bolting away from him! Now that's funny. I don't care who ya are.

What is NOT funny -- and here you will see thoughtful libs in sharp contrast to the Repub coyotes who were out for Clinton's blood -- is all the serious, somber talk of impeachment, in hushed tones.

Not a damn thing to celebrate in that. Nothing. Not with Clinton. Not with Bush.

Y'all BETTER clean up in the '06 elections.
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