Friday, December 16, 2005


Christmas rush

Dr. ER and I must've been in a hurry for Christmas this year. Seems that way anyway, maybe because we are effectively estranged from our Bird.

We've watched the Charlie Brown specials, the Shoot-Your-Eye-Out Movie, "Christmas Vacation," "The Bishop's Wife," "It's a Wonderful Life," "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and "Rudolph," and just about everything else we usually watch.

We've had hot apple cider on the stove almost every day since Thanksgiving.

Been eating great joints of meat, and pies and other holiday fare.

Been to a Christmas party or two.

I've read Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."

My shopping is done except for one remaining gift I need to find for my dad-in-law.

And Christmas is still nine days away!

Pretty cool, actually, although, assuming Dr. ER is well and able, she will be out of town next week -- which might make me crazy.

Or it might encourage me to work on a journal article that has gone through review already and needs to be revised and resubmitted.

Anyhoo. Dr. ER has been home for quite a spell, and she and Ice-T have had me in a festive mood, festiver than the past few years even -- even with Bird's continued estrangement.


I am also extra festive this
year. I thought it was because
last year I almost left this
world..anyway what ever the
reason let Christmas begin.
I love the shoot your I out
movie. I think it would be
my very favorite Christmas
show. I do like the rest too.
Merry Merry to you and the DR.
Dang it...yes I know it is
EYE...I need to slow down...
Ho, ho! Jeannie Diane, Ho, ho!

(Not that I'm callin' you a ho!)


So, what're the rest of y'allses' Christmassy things you always do????
Christmas is not a jolly time for me, but I do try to have friends over for dinner at some point. This year's feast was last Saturday, followed by a viewing of Narnia as a group. It was a simple meal this year with a couple of soups and ham sandwiches, but I think it found as much favor as the more elaborate feast I usually prepare. I love hosting dinners!

The other celebration was our choir party this past Wednesday night. That also was fun. Too much good food!

I usually make it a tradition to watch "It's a Wonderful Life." I try not to watch "Charlie Brown" every year because I love it too much to let it be a burnout.

Another thing I love to do is load up my CD player with my favorite Christmas music (starting with Mannheim Steamroller, YEAH!!) Since I'm always alone, I feel free to dance around the house to "Hark the Herald Angels Sing." I LOVE THEIR VERSION!!!

If I stay home for Christmas, I'll be in church for communion on Christmas Eve night and Christmas morning service. But since there's been a change in the music for the services, I'm not required to be present, so there's a small chance I could go to Missouri to celebrate with my aunt and uncle. Will decide when I see the weather forecast for next weekend.

I wish that I could have one really happy blow-out joyful Christmas, just once. Maybe that's just not meant to be.
Christmas is more festive this year. Last year was very understated, the first without my husband. This year, chaos reigns. There are SO many parties and activites when you have young kids. Hard for me to keep up! But my Mom will be here for Christmas for the first time in 40 years, so she's cooking instead of me! That in itself is a reason to celebrate!
Oh yeah, and lucky for me, Christmas is on a Sunday so I DON'T have to WORK like I usually do!
Hey ER--

We'll watch "It's a Wonderful Life" this week and -- don't laugh-- "The Homecoming," the old "Waltons" Christmas movie that inspired the long-running TV series. I love Patricia Neal as the mom in that version.

Can't you hear that theme song?

I'll serve communion at one of our Christmas Eve services.

We will, ahem, have a little spiked egg nog one night -- maybe Christmas Eve. In my Baptist upbringing, this was the one annual occasion when it was officially condoned for a brief period in our home. But we couldn't tell anyone at church! :-)

And, coming full circle -- since I gave up drinking a few years ago -- it's once again about the only time of year when I enjoy a little "medicine"!

With two little ones, there will be quite a bit of excitement, and we'll be going to spend the Christmas Day up at Grandma's. You know where!

I do hope you all and the Bird will get this thing straightened out. I love you guys.

A Merry Christmas to all of your faithful readers.
That all sounds wonderful, y'all. Christmas Eve, I'll make my occasional appearance at mass, with the Dr. ER side of the family. Having been raised a plain-jane Baptist like GP, I like a little pomp and circumstance in my worship these days.
A Christmas Story is by far my favorite Christmas movie. I watch it at least 3 times every year. I've been travelling alot since Thanksgiving, so I've missed most of the other standards (I think).

On Christmas day I generally leave the house to go duck hunting before anyone else is up. Once back home I "learn" what Santa brought. Then Mrs. Rem cooks a nice big breakfast. After breakfast I read Luke's account of the first Christmas. When we're done at home, we go to the in-laws for a second round (with Christmas on Sunday this year, we'll go to church first). My mother-in-law generally fixes a large spread for dinner (turkey and ham with all the fixin's), so we'll stay over there until stuffed. If I can get away after that, I generally try to spend the remainder of the afternoon in a tree stand. A 3rd installment of Christmas is done with my family on New Year's Eve.

Merry Christmas all.
Wow! Duck-hunting on Christmas! You sometimes bring home the evening-meal bird, I hope!

And your mention of Luke reminds me: We watched the Charlie Brown Christmas show tonight. If they ever take out Linus's simple reading of that part of Luke, I'll, I'll, I'll ...

I'll join Focus on the Family! :-)
I've come home with birds in hand more times than not on Christmas. However, my wife hasn't got nearly enough 'R' in her to allow her to enjoy my harvest. Typically when I prepare duck for myself, it finds itself in the company of chicken for her. Oh well, what am I gonna do? I can get her to eat venison, dove and quail, but she refuses duck, squirell (2 r's, or 2 l's? - it looks wrong both ways to me), coon and gator.

We watched Charlie Brown tonight, too. I picked it up on DVD for the boys. I hate to admit it, but I wondered myself if some network producer contemplated removing Linus's quotation when it aired on TV.
Hey ER,

It's none of my (our) business, but have ya'll got things patched up enough with Bird that she'll be with you on Christmas? I can't say I remember you every day, but when I think of it, I ask for the Lord's intervention in ya'll's situation. I hope at the very least you can all enjoy each other's company on Christmas day.
Thanks, Rem, for your thoughts.

We'll see her, in Texas at her grandparents' on Christmas weekend, then here in Oklahoma the following week. It's an emotional estrangement, sort of. And just no communication for three weeks, when we were all used to to talking or e-mailing or texting often. She needed space, I guess, and she got it.

There are still some things to work out. Might be a little difficult on Christmas. But it will work out. I think this is a much bigger deal for us than it is for her. Such is life. :-) Her own little Bird will crap on her parenty feelings in about 20 years, probably, 'cause what goes around do come around, ya know. :-)
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