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Bush's pockets and a Man Meme

This is such a fun story, in a world so full of bad news.

By Nedra Pickler
The Associated Press
via The San Francisco Chronicle

President Bush may be burdened with the world's problems, but his pockets are pretty light.

It turns out the leader of the free world doesn't have to worry about carrying all the essentials of the common man.

Read all about it.


What's in your pockets -- right now?

I call this a "man meme" because I know few women who carry much in their pockets because they carry purses, and a What's in Your Purse Meme might collapse the whole damn Internet.

Ha ha.

Any of y'all feel free to modify this meme however you see fit. :-)

Here's what in my pockets:

Shirt pocket: Bic round stic medium pen, black; one of my own business cards, with the name and cell phone nukber of a woman, who holds a Ph.D., for whom I will go and pick up a trolling motor in Moore, Okla., next week en route to Durant, Okla., to deliver a talk at a Native American Women conference at Southeastern State University, in return for her and her husband, who owns a burger joint among many other interests, letting me and Dr. ER say at their place (I could not have possibly thought to make that up!); and one of those slide card things to pass in front of the all-seeing eye doohickey to get on the premises at work.

Left front pants pocket: Cell phone; two sets of keys, each one having a key to the house and a key to my truck, among other things, because I tend to lock my dang keys in my truck fairly often.

Right front pants pocket: a Winchester pocketknife; a Zippo lighter; a replica of an Indian peace medal from the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C., dated September 21, 2004, which I think is the day it opened, from Dr. ER, who bought it for me on a trip to D.C.; and $4.01 in change.

Left rear pants pocket; An end-stub checkbook, which is increasingly rare and can be sort of a hassle to get, but it doesn't stick out from my pocket (the checks are standard yellow).

Right rear pants pocket; a black pocket comb; my wallet, a trifold cloth, a gift from one of the girls (no married man ever buys his own wallet), the contents of which, being purselike, in a manly sort of way, would make a meme in itself.

WHAT'S IN YOUR WALLET? (Apologies to David Schrader[?]).

Leave it in a comment here. Post it on your own blog.

Lawsy, how I loves the Internets.


Left shirt pocket: one pack Nat Sherman's Havana Ovals.
Left pants pocket: drivers license, debit card, forty-eight dollars cash.
Right pants pocket: one Zippo brand lighter with no decoration, and a "church key" style bottle opener with eight keys, two of which don't work.
Right hoodie pocket: cell phone.
I don't think I'm too burdened down.
Rich, you do travel light! (My own Zippo, BTW, is classic silver, the bestest Christmas gift my beloved Bird has ever gotten me, last year).

Well. I am a girl, but I will answer anyway since I have all but given up carrying a purse. I have found that I can condense my necessities to a leather business card holder -- driver's license, an ATM/debit card, a credit card and my folding money.
I carry this in the right front pocket of my jeans. Keys go in the other pocket.
Right front pants pocket: Change (mostly pennies) 2 sets of keys, one with car key and apartmant key, and a keyring that has the message, "I'm trying to see things from your point of view but I can't get my head that far up my ass." One key ring that also has car key and apartment key, plus basement key, mailbox key, security door key and one key I don't have a clue what for

left front pants pocket, A Buck pocket knife, bike lock keys, 2 nail clippers (I don't bite my nails so I need to clip them instead, but I lose nail clippers a lot)

Left rear pants pocket, checkbook

Right rear pocket, wallet. usually carry my cell phone in either my shirt pocket, or, if the shirt I'm wearing doesn't have a pocket, it goes in my left front pants pocket but at the moment it is on the charger.
Well, I normally empty my pockets whenever I get home, so I had to reload them, and then unload again, just to answer this one.

Left front pants pocket:
forty-three cents in change, a reciept from the gas station, a chapstick, and a plain, solid brass Zippo lighter.

Right front pants pocket:
A 5 inch Buck rubber handled folding lockback knife, and a black, Sharpie brand gel ink pen.

Right hip pocket:
My wallet, containing every concievable thing you can stuff into a wallet, except money.

Left hip pocket:

Left shirt pocket:
A delivery ticket that I forgot to turn in from work, about a third of a pack of Marlboro light 100's in the hard pack, and another pen, just like the other one.

Right shirt pocket:

I carry my Keys, cell phone, and my Nextel Radio on clips on my belt, and my sunglasses (when I am not wearing them) backwards on the back of my neck.

I will add that I am constantly amazed at the wonderful things that my wife seems to be able to always have in her purse.

I could ask her for anything from a cotton ball, to a power drill, and there is at least a 50/50 chance she will have one in there.
Ha! Bottomless purses were the secret of "Let's Make a Deal!"

"I've got $50 for the someone with a power drill! Who's gopt a power drill? Ah, the lady from Florida! And two-bits a piece for the cotton balls!" :-)

Long ago, having to pass through 50 to 60 airport scanners a year plus a few dozen govenment building scanners in D.C. per year, I became a minalmalist and non-magnetic carrier of stuff.

Shirt Pockets:Nada
Right front pants: door key, truck keys, merc keys, old merc key, one small swiss knife, all on one key ring.
Left front pants and left back pants: Nada
Right back pants: tri-fold billfold, badly in need of replacement. Contains DL, credit cards, gas card, hotel membership cards, Zoo card, AARP card, and various organizational membership cards and emergency contact numbers. Generally no to small amounts of cash.

Have you read the book about Vietman and the Grunts who fought there, entitled, " The Things They Carried"?
ER, based on everything you carry, you really need man-purse or something. Honestly!!! And you were worried about collapsing the Internet with the contents of womens' handbags? :-)
Dang, y'all menfolk sure do carry a lot of stuff around. Only thing in my pockets is my work key ring. Though I do cheat a little--I only live a few blocks from work and so walk home for lunch, so there isn't even any need for me to carry money during a work day.
I'll play.

Left front pants: Buck folding pocket knife
Right front pants: 256MB thumb drive, set of keys (house, trucks, office)
Right rear pants: Tri-fold wallet
A purse wasn't big enough for me ... I upgraded to a sport-backpack. S. in Atlanta
Hey ER,

I'll bet you're like me in that you always have a knife on you. I've probably had a knife in my pocket since I was in the 8th grade (small rural schools used to not care if you carried a pocket knife). The other morning one of my dogs jumped up on me and got mud on my britches. I changed them in a hurry and forgot to move my knife over. I just about felt nekkid all day.
RV!!! Good grief!

Somehow since posting this last night, I have actually misplaced my knife! And I do feel nekkid as a jaybird! What if I get a book in the mail today?" How ill I open it? What if I buy a CD? What I decide to east an apple? I'm screwed.

Right now, I have 3 butterfly needles, 2 pr latex gloves, a whole raft of 2x2 gauze and 6 alcohol wipes in my rh scrub pocket; 4 tiger top tubes, a cell phone (in lieu of pager), bic pen and pad of sticky notes in lh scrub pocket; 2.55 in change in rh pants pocket; and another pen and keys in lh pants pocket. In the cargo pocket I have a comb. :)

This is more than usual, but we're doing an allergy study today.
Blazer pocket -- two dry-erase pens (one blue, one black) and three folded-up paper towels. One Bic stick pen with cap.

Pants pocket -- Buck lock-back, a cotton hanky, leftover change from the dollar I used to buy my coffee, a set of office keys, a wadded up piece of paper with a student's e-mail address on it, and a watch without a wriststrap (in lieu of the handy pocketwatch).

Everything else is chucked in the bookbag.
Ha! Try being a mom of two and writing down everything you carry in your diaper bag/ back pack! Now that could collapse the internet, so I'll spare you. Suffice it to say, I could use a Sherpa.
Sitting here in my bathrobe with just a lighter in the left pocket. I came over from BitchPhD and had to know what's in everyone else's pockets.

The purse, however - gads! Wallet, 4x6 notebook with pen, several other pens, including my favorite Bic four color fine point, a baggie with some antihistamines, mints, Equalactin and a bandaid, lipstick, keys, wallet, cellphone and many crumpled receipts.

Fun meme! I think I'll go share it over at my place.
Women don't carry stuff in their pockets??? Nonsense! Those of us who go head-to-head with the fellas do.
One cannot be vulnerable around those bastards. Car keys,id and CCs on person at all times. Purse only contains non-essentials. One learns from experience.
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