Saturday, January 20, 2007


How to jinx a heavy snow forecast

Be silly enough to put "100 percent" chance of snow in the forecast, which is what Oklahoma City TV did last night. Pbthth.

Five to 10 inches, they said. Ha ha. This morning, just north of OKC, the flakes came five to 10 feet apart, every five to 10 minutes.

And, hey, here is an example of why ER loves Dr. ER. Found this next to the coffee pot this morning:

"Good morning!

"Well, it's 3 a.m. & no snow -- Weather Channel has changed its forecast to one to three inches; I can only hope they're wrong. If the weather guys got this wrong, it'll be because that danged upper level low inextricably* stalled over Baja today. That changed the timing & could even allow the warm air that is/was supposed to override the cold air at the surface enough time to actually warm surface temps too high. That & a stubborn high pressure to our east that was supposed to be outta here sticking around so long it took forever for the air to saturate & cool down enough for snow. I hope, however, that I wake to see snow. Please wake me at 10. Even though I am being an insomniac. But make it 11 a.m. if there's no snow so I can put off being sad. :-(

"Love, (Dr. ER)"

I think her pre-assessment of the snowfu (thank you) was dead-on right.

* Dr. ER meant "inexplicably." She's forgiven, since it *was* 3 a.m. :-)


P.S. We're watching Giant, (also here) which I am embarrassed to admit I've never seen before! What're y'all up to today?

Thank GOD you're finally getting some Edna Ferber into you. Now your next assignment is to read Cimmaron.

It's kind of redeeming to see some of this mess melting off. I'm sorry for Dr. E.R. not getting the snow blanket she was hoping for, but I'm not so sad to do without the snowfall totals that were forecasted for so long.
What a great story. I knew it was "great," but I had no clue about the racial stuff. Way-out-there for a 1956 flick. Which means Ferber was too, I reckon. ... Maybe my summr fiction reading will be Ferber stuff...
YES! I picked up a copy of Giant and Great Son at Gardner's Book Store in Tulsa for 25 cents each, along with a couple of Pearl S. Buck books and other vintage reads. You're welcome to borrow them after you read Cimmaron. Wish I had a copy of that to lend.
Any Oklahoma weatherman that says anything is ever 100% unless they are standing directly in it when they are talking is a damn fool. Oklahoma City/Norman is the pivot point for the 5 main weather influences on the North American Continent. Here is where all the suckers collide most of the time. That is why the Feds, the Military and Private industry have spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the years setting up weather research stuff here. And it is probably why the Paleo American Indians intially said, screw that place, I'm not going to settle there.
Watching the French film, "The Long Engagement". Excellent WWI flick and satifies the chicks' fliks needs as well.
Giant, saw that in the theaters when it came out, and a gadzillion times since. James Dean and Liz Taylor, excellent! Book is better though. Would love to see what a modern movie made from the book would look like. Giant was very 50's.
I can out predict the Weather Channel. All I have to do is predict exactly opposite what they say and I have a better percentage of correxct predictions.

This is a very good reason why one shouldn't place any credibility on the myth of Gorebal (misspelling intentional) warming. If they can't predict what the weather will do tommorrow, why should we believe them when they try to tell us the world will be destroyed by weather in 1000 years?

By the way, still praying for your mama here.
Thanks for the prayers, Mark. While yer at it, ya might pray that the scales fall from yer eyes regarding climate change.
Global warming, global ice ages, myths?
OKC is at 900 feet elevation.
30,000 years ago this place was was 400 miles from the sea shore down in Texas. Now it is 900 miles to the sea shore. Next decade?
What's the altitude of your place there in Maryland Mark?
Some of us will have to get our ass wet before the scales will fall from our eyes.
The argument is not "if", it is "how long" and "what did it".
Did men do it, maybe. But the flatulance of the 60,000,000 bison that we killed of in the 19th century might have been able to do it too. Maybe Mammoths actually farted their climate away.
Save the Earth, Ban Beans!
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